Week 8 Post Re-Rupture

Just when I feel like I am making such great progress, I realize how far I still have to go.  I started driving on Sunday.  While I have great control over my right foot, I still am paranoid about the chance of re-rupture.  I have to use my left foot to really brake hard or to rest at a stop light.  It’s super inconvenient because I have to use my boot until I get to the car, change into my sturdy shoe with a heel lift, and then change back into the boot once I get where I’m going.  But, I’m thankful for at least being able to run out to show a house or pick up the kids, if needed.  I still have my hired driver but she goes back to school in a week so I won’t have that luxury soon.

I did transition to sleeping without the boot.  That’s a nice treat although again, it’s a pain to have to put it back on if I have to get up in the middle of the night.  My ankle doesn’t feel any tighter in the morning when I put the boot back on so that’s good.

Physical Therapy was painful today.  She had me add weights to my seated toe raises and really added a lot of weight to the side lifts (on my side and weights strapped to the top of my foot.  I have to lift my foot and slowly lower it.) The most painful part was the scar tissue massage and the calf massage.  Ouch!  I’m so glad she is getting in there but man, it hurts.  She reminded me that if it hurts, it means it’s still connected.  She also has me on the stationary bike for 10 minutes with little resistance.

We talked about transitioning from the big achilles sole on the Vacocast to the flat sole.  She said she likes to do changes every 2 weeks if there aren’t any problems.  Since I just went down to 5 degrees a week ago, I’m going to wait until next Monday to try the flat sole.  Both my ortho and physical therapist really don’t want me going to 0 degrees quite yet.  I’m fine with waiting as it seems I’m making progress with strength.

I tried Pilates at a local studio on Monday.  That was interesting.  I’m still not sold on the effectiveness of it but I think it will be a good balance to the weight training twice a week.  I was super concerned about hitting my foot or her bumping into it but she tried to clear everything so I wouldn’t worry so much.   She really worked my good ankle to make sure all of the little stabilizing muscles are strengthened in case I trip or need extra support on the good foot.

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  1. Congrats on the progress, good luck with more. I’m finding I’m not a patient person.

  2. Thank you, Metonia. I am SO not a patent person but had to figure out how to be after the re-rupture. I realized this is going to just keep happening if I don’t settle in to the reality that I have to be more careful and patient.

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