Questioning the fit of the Vacocast

I wear a size 9 women’s shoe so I was really in between sizes.  When I ordered my Vacocast, I went back and forth trying to decide on a small or a medium.  I chose small based not the advice of the Vacocast team.  They said I was right in between and it would be best to go down rather than up if I was in this position.  I chose small.

When the doctor allowed me to go into the Vacocast, I was surprised at how tight the cover was.  The top portion of the boot couldn’t fit down into the bottom as the video showed it should.  I was leaving for vacation the next day and didn’t really have a lot of time to replace it.

Again, I emailed the Vacocast team and she called immediately.  She asked a few questions and said that I really should just stick with a small.  I told her that my toes are practically hanging out but she said the next size up would be SO big (up to a women’s size 13) so it would be best to keep the boot I had.  She also told me how to make sure the bottom of the boot was lengthened as much as possible so I made that adjustment.

For weeks 4-5, I was to be NWB at 20 degrees fixed.  This was going to be an interesting cruise!

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