3 weeks post-rerupture- More casting or Vacocast?

My follow up with my doctor was 3 weeks after being casted.  We were supposed to leave for our Florida and Caribbean vacation 2 days later so I was eager to see what the doctor had to say.

They removed the cast and he flipped me over to do the Thompson test.  The Thompson test is where the doctor squeezes your calf and if there is movement in the foot, then it is assumed the tendon has reattached and is doing its job.  Up until this point, every doctors visit and every pt visit had always been so positive- as though I was progressing so beautifully.  So, when there was silence after the first few times he squeezed my calf, I knew things weren’t going as well as I imagined.  Sure enough, he called for the ultrasound machine.  He was able to show us that the tendon still hadn’t completely re-attached, although he said the scar tissue from the previous surgery did distort things.

I could tell he wanted to re-cast me.  Seeing that we were flying to Florida in two days, I begged him to let me in the Vacocast instead. I was worried about swelling from flying and being trapped in a rigid cast.   I had to do a lot to teach him about the Vacocast as he had never heard of it before.  I explained that the rest of the world uses the Vacocast in place of a plaster cast.  I demonstrated how sturdy the beads became once I vacuumed out the air.  The kicker was that I promised to treat it as a cast and even shower in it.  He agreed and we all marveled at the features of the Vacocast as I put it on.  He told his cast room director to look into getting these boots so I had to model the boot as he took pictures to do his research.

He instructed that he wanted me non-weight bearing completely until he saw me again, in 2 weeks.

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