Physical Therapy, Round 2

At week 7, I started up physical therapy again.  My previous physical therapist had taken a new job and wasn’t going to be there so I opted to go to a physical therapist who focuses only on foot and ankle issues.   My friend and tennis instructor (who was on the court when I initially [...]

5 weeks down… PRP, PT, FWB?

The trip and the holidays made those 5 weeks NWB fly by.   I saw my ortho at the 5 week point and he was much more positive this time.  This time, my foot responded to the Thompson test and so there was a little cheer by everyone when it moved!  He was much happier [...]

Cruising on One Leg

This was going to be interesting… navigating through airports, new hotels, new places, different countries… all on one foot and a knee scooter.  I had so many questions and the “unknown” was unnerving.  I had already been dumped on my scooter because of bumps in the road so I was pretty nervous and feeling pretty [...]

Questioning the fit of the Vacocast

I wear a size 9 women’s shoe so I was really in between sizes.  When I ordered my Vacocast, I went back and forth trying to decide on a small or a medium.  I chose small based not the advice of the Vacocast team.  They said I was right in between and it would be [...]

3 weeks post-rerupture- More casting or Vacocast?

My follow up with my doctor was 3 weeks after being casted.  We were supposed to leave for our Florida and Caribbean vacation 2 days later so I was eager to see what the doctor had to say.
They removed the cast and he flipped me over to do the Thompson test.  The Thompson test is [...]