Noooo….. Re-Rupture

Just shy of 10 weeks post-op, I was out running errands.  Dumb errands- buying Christmas scented candles at the mall, grocery shopping (I have plenty of family members who would have done it for me), decorations for Christmas cookies  for a get together we were having that night.  All day, I kept thinking how my achilles feels SO tight.  At this point, I was in regular shoes with no lifts.  My doctor never mentioned buying any lifts and had released me with “no restrictions.”  So, out and about I went.  I felt tightness with every step I took but I continued on as I thought that was just the way it was supposed to be (maybe it is?)

I was coming out of the grocery store with my arms full of bags, crossing the street, looking for my keys when I stepped up on the curb to get out of the driveway quickly.  Sadly, I didn’t place my entire foot on the step and boom!  I felt it immediately and knew that I had torn it again.  My car was only a few steps away so I hobbled over and immediately called my husband.  I was shaking and having a hard time telling him what I had done.  I managed to drive home as I still had control over the foot.  I called my doctor and spoke to the physician on call.  He told me to go back in the boot and call the office first thing in the morning.

The next day, my doctor called first thing in the morning.  He was off that day but told me he was coming in to meet me.  My physical therapist also wanted to see me.  Since she was already in the office, I went to her first.  She did some initial tests and really couldn’t tell.  I could push and pull pretty hard with my foot so she was hoping that maybe I just felt scar tissue breaking away.  I could hope!

My doctor wasn’t so optimistic.  He said my foot didn’t respond to the Thompson Test but was perplexed since the strength and control were still there. He made an appt for the MRI that afternoon and said we should hear back within a couple of days.

The MRI is a pretty annoying experience.  I don’t mind laying there.  Or the loud noises.  But both times I had really unsympathetic technicians.  They gave me a changing room across the hallway from the MRI room.  Then, as I hobbled into the room, they told me I had to leave the crutches across the room and to lay down way over there.  They need to know that most people who are there with injuries probably need their crutches to get across the room.  She offered no assistance so I was left to hopping across the room.  I have a fear of rupturing the other achilles so I was a little annoyed at that point.  Then, they have to put your foot in 0 degrees in a rigid brace to do the MRI.  I could feel the tension and wondered if I was doing more damage to it.

Surprisingly, the MRI results came back that day and my doctor called me that evening.  He confirmed a 90% re-rupture of the achilles and said I have to start at Day 0.  I was devastated.  This time, he suggested not operating because there wasn’t a gap and a revision surgery could be messy.  He recommended immobilizing for 3-4 weeks and then going from there.

The next day, I was back in the cast room.  It was December 5th so I opted for a bright red cast with candy cane stripes.  It was about the only thing I could think to do to make this all better.   I recognized that the first time around, I didn’t have the best attitude.  I had a “poor me” attitude and really didn’t want to do much other than help my current buyers and sellers and tend to my kids.  I hadn’t used that time to read the books I was too busy to read, complete my business plan for 2016, research new ideas, finish my website… all the things I always say I need a break from real estate to do.  Well, I had a bit of a break and I got none of that done.  I wouldn’t have that luxury this time around so I vowed to have a better attitude.  My candy cane cast was a statement that this time was going to be better.

The doctor said he wanted to see me back in the cast room in 3 weeks, which was 2 days before we were supposed to leave on a 10 day trip to the Caribbean.  This had been planned for a really long time as we were all celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  We spent a couple of weeks trying to decide if we should cancel or not and finally we decided just to go for it.

This time was a bit easier to be NWB.  I was more used to the crutches and I was stronger from working out with the personal trainer at the PT office.  It was also a quieter time.  My daughter’s volleyball and son’s football seasons were over so they were home more.  School was about to be out for Christmas break.  And we were about to leave on a cruise.   I made myself read those books, work on my business plan, and research new ideas.  I also went to Costco and stocked up on groceries so I could make more meals at home.  It was a much better experience this time!

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