New Gear

This time around, I decided I’m investing in good equipment.  I ordered my Vacocast, found a new knee scooter that doesn’t tip so easily, bought cushions for the crutches, and found awesome waterproof cast protectors at Walgreens.  Although I couldn’t put my Vacocast on yet, the new equipment made life SO much easier.  Sadly, insurance didn’t cover any of it but I’m worth it, right?

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  1. Congratulations, Holly! Investing in yourself is always a great idea! And I was very tempted to get a scooter, but decided on the wheelchair instead, since the scooter is dangerous on stairs… :-)
    Enjoy!………………….. Manny

  2. Well I found this tutorial very well man!

  3. Karan, our community is based on helping each other! :-D So please do post your experiences and results! :-)

    Manisha, going to work is something that will take planning and strategizing, since even a moon boot, with its advantages, or a kne crutch which leaves your hands fee, require training and developing new abilities.

    for example, I work a lot on a computer, but now have lower back pain and muscle cramps that make it very uncomfortable to stay in one position for a period of time… And I can’t be standing for long periods, either! :-( So I have to admit that I am slower at getting things done, do my physical therapy, and found that a shiatzu massage pillow was my best friend! (and compression socks are a necessary evil and torture mechanism). You will find your own truths and solutions, so just stay positive and post your thoughts and experiences so the rest of us can tell you if we’ve tried it, too. :-)


  4. Holly - good call on the gear. I was given an Aircast Elite splint and crutches. (I rented a scooter and bought an “EvenUp” shoe platform) I don’t think anyone at Aircast has ever worn that splint product for more than a few minutes. The bottom of my foot sweat like crazy (even in a New England winter) and made my foot burn. The sole on the Aircast is unnecessarily tall/thick which threw my hips and back out of whack when I went to PWB (before buying the EvenUp shoe). Had to see my doc and chiro for that issue. Next foot I am getting the Vacocast, a Cryo-cooler (to help with swelling [avail on Amazon even]), and possibly forearm crutches.

  5. Country Boy J, I’m sad for you that you have to go through this again?! Yikes. But yes, I’m so thankful for the Vacocast. It has made my life so much easier and has allowed me to stay in it longer during the protective stages.

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