Physical Therapy was my life

So physical therapy became a big part of my week.  I would go 3 times a week and by week 6, I was full weight bearing and at 0 degrees PF.  That was such a huge relief to ditch the crutches.  Tina taught me how to wean myself from the crutches by using just one crutch on the opposite side of my affected foot.  Then eventually, I started not using crutches around the house and eventually made it outdoors without them.  All the while, my achilles was pretty tight and while I always said it didn’t hurt, I realize now it really did.  I was always aware of how tight it was and that made me nervous.

By now in PT, I was standing on the ground stretching, doing mobility exercises, sitting stretches, and trying to strengthen my feet and calf.  My achilles was completely non-responsive if I asked it to do a heel lift so that was discouraging.  I was still going 3 times a week.  I started feeling a lot of discomfort in my knees and hips from walking so unevenly with my elevated heel and boot.  I asked my physical therapist about how I could work out the rest of my body.  She introduced me to Neno, a personal trainer who works out with her patients who have limited mobility.  Neno is awesome!  He found ways to work out all my muscle groups without engaging my achilles.  I started going  to him 2-3 times a week and found that my knee and hip pain went away.  I was spending a lot of time at the physical therapy office, that’s for sure!

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