Driving at last!

At about week 6-7, I was able to start driving.  My foot was strong enough to brake and definitely push the gas.  I lifted my knee a little bit off of the seat to make it higher so I could prevent any scary motion and the possibility of re-tearing my achilles.  It was totally working- I would take off the boot to drive and then put it back on when I got to my destination.  I showed homes in the boot and life was seeming to be getting back to normal.

My doctor cleared me to start transitioning into shoes at week 8.   I was leaving for Las Vegas the next week so he suggested I wear the boot on the trip.  Although the boot was cumbersome, I was happy to wear it in such a new environment.  I drove home from Vegas to So Cal so I was feeling pretty alive, considering my friends were just getting out of their cast at week 8.

My PT continued 3 times a week.  I was getting stronger but definitely not ready to do heel raises or anything like that.  I was working out with Neno and feeling good.  Walking in shoes was still really tight.  My doctor and PT never mentioned ordering a heel lift so I just tried to wear sturdy shoes.

By the time I was home from Vegas (week 9-10), I was completely in my shoes.  I had misplaced my boot several times so I thought that was a pretty good sign that I had weaned myself from the boot.

At this point, I was having some issues with my scar apparently adhering to the tendon.  It was indented pretty significantly where the incision point was so my PT started having me really work on it.   I rubbed Melaleuca’s Painatrate and ScarZone on it and kind of “roughed it up”.  Within a week, it was better and started to have a more normal contour.  It still felt really tight and was hard to walk in normal shoes.   My heel was very bruised and hurt pretty badly to walk on it.  I started icing more aggressively and it seemed to help quite a bit.

About the PRP- the doctor felt it was too soon to really judge how the PRP was helping.  All in all, I was progressing pretty quickly and I was much farther along than my friends who had the surgery years before.

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  1. Hey Holly, I’m so sorry to hear that you re-ruptured and are starting again! My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best on your second recovery. You write really well and I can’t believe that you are able to remember all this with so much detail so long after it happened. I’m nervous to hear how and why the re-rupture happened. So far three people this week have blogged / commented with re-ruptures. Since I’ve been on the site you guys are the only active posters with re-ruptures so it seems like a lot suddenly and I really feel bad for all you guys! Keep up the excellent blog and happy healing to you!

  2. Hi Beanie, Thank you for your sweet message. This is the first time I have blogged anything so it was kind of therapeutic to re-live it all.
    So, my re-rupture…. My doctor had encouraged me to move into shoes. Looking back, I remember every step just felt tight. I had been running errands that day (stupid things like buying candles and things to ice Christmas cookies, nothing totally necessary) and was so proud of myself for doing them in my shoes. I came out of the grocery store, was crossing the street, holding grocery bags and looking for my keys. I was slow because I still couldn’t take big steps but rushed because there were cars coming. I stepped up onto the curb but only the front of my foot was on the curb. My foot wasn’t strong enough to hold up my body and the heel dropped, re-rupturing my achilles. I knew right away. This time around, I bought a Vacocast so I can stay in it a lot longer and still have some movement.

  3. Arg no Holly, I’m so sorry! It’s a really good lesson for us all that we have to be super careful and make sure the whole foot is placed before putting weight on it. You sound like you’re a very positive person and are already working well through the second rehab. I hope everything goes smoothly this time and you don’t experience any setbacks. All the best and happy healing!

  4. Thank you Holly for all the great details and explanations. They help me a lot, specially because I am terrified of a re-rupture.

    As for Beanie’s comment on 3 re-ruptures this week, all I can wonder about is all the guitarists that have been climbing that stairway to heaven these last couple of weeks… another big statistical bump, and an emotionally painful one.

    Loved your explanation of the two chair bathing technique, and the comments on the way you evened up your two feet.

    Have a great week!……. Manny

  5. Thank you, Manny and Beanie. The good news is that this recovery is much easier than the first. I have virtually no pain, tightness, or swelling. I’m also in the boot a lot more though.
    Hope your weeks are great!

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