And so begins Physical Therapy, week 3-4

After 1 week in a splint and 2 weeks in a cast, I went in for another check-up.  I was SO thrilled when he told me I would go directly into a boot.  The cast room guy brought out a big, black boot and showed me how he was putting 3 wedges in the boot to keep my toes pointed downward.  I was to remove one of the wedges each week until my foot was flat.  It seemed a little makeshift but I went home happier than if I had a cast.  I was also allowed to start touching my toes down so that was nice.

My foot rattled around in that boot.  The back of the boot rubbed against my incision so that was pretty uncomfortable.  I was still NWB so the combination of size and weight was a little clumsy.  That week I had a couple of mis-steps with my boot.  Both had to do with the dog so I had to learn not to react like I normally would.  Once, the knee scooter basically flipped me and I had to throw my bad foot down to keep from falling down.  I was beginning to hate that scooter!

The big news was that I could start physical therapy!  I had a lot of choices when it came to physical therapy as several of my friends are in that field.  I decided on my daughter’s former coach who had a Phd in Physical Therapy.  Tina ended up being awesome and helped so much.  Prior to this, I had never really had any experience with physical therapy so I didn’t know what to expect.  Over the next few weeks, I learned that a good physical therapist is a blend of knowledge, compassion, instinct, toughness, touch, and skill.  I have such a respect for that profession now!  Each time I would leave PT feeling so much better than when I went in.  She would use the STEM, ultrasound, massage, and icing to get the swelling down and things moving.  In the beginning, she taught me how to properly use the crutches (they were set at the wrong heights and I wasn’t doing stairs correctly), how to properly start putting some weight on the foot, and how to do some exercises at home.  I loved my PT appointments and went 3 times a week.

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