New Rupture Boston area….

Hi there, So new to this site, 46 year old guy from Boston area, first time ever attempting a blog so I’m really not sure if I’m doing it properly or not.  Please be patient with me…… any advice would be appreciated on blogging in general and of course any advice on this shitty injury that happened and has completely f’d up my daily life.  This is an outlet for me to just kind of say what’s on my mind……. My injury happened July 12. 2020 at work.  I work as a firefighter paramedic and was putting out a small brush fire that got started by an out of control campfire set by kids.  It was nothing like the wildfires of Australia or CA, this was really a small pathetic little brush fire that wasn’t impressive at all.  Little did I know this would cause so my family to have to change our way of life.   The injury itself, was pretty stupid, I basically had my gear on, walking through thick brush, walked and tripped over a tree stump, basically kicking it with the front of my foot falling forward…..well apparently my 6′4, 230lb out of shape body didn’t appreciate it and I heard and felt the snap wondering who just kicked me in the back of the leg.  Of course there was no one around.  The pain wasn’t that bad, granted I knew with the pop that something wasn’t right…..that and the immediate swelling and inability to put any weight on my foot clued me in that something good hadn’t happened. So, I go to urgent care, get X-rays and boot and told to follow up with ortho in a week if not any better.

A week later, follow up with ortho who is shocked that urgent care had me wait as long as they did to follow up.  Ortho doc looked at ankle and calf, noted the swelling and said something on the lines of “oh that doesnt look very good”…..has me hop up on table and does the famous Thompson Test and that she was 90-95% positive I ruptured my achilles tendon and due to it being a work injury the ins company would require an MRI.   MRI done on 7/22/20 which confirms complete rupture of Achilles tendon on right side with separation from the bone.  Follow up next day with ortho who says surgery is probably the way to go  (big surprise right? a surgeon recommending surgery), but once explained to me risks v benefits I agreed and had the surgery on 7/28/20.

I’m used to being in the hospitals and emergency rooms but it absolutely sucks being a patient.  I will absolutely have more compassion and understanding for my patients in the back of the ambulance after going though this ordeal.   Humblilng experience to say the least.   The staff was awesome, got the IV in, little versed and sublimaze right prior to the popliteal nerve block to hopefully keep the pain to a minimum for as long as possible after the surgery……which for me was well worth it.  It’s a needle stick in the back of you knee area, sedation first, ultra sound to on back of leg to locate nerve, worked great after the surgery and luckily, knock on wood had no complications.   Surgery went well according to doc, said tendon was complete rupture and 90 percent tear from ankle,  internal and external stitches, placed in splint and  bandaged with foot in downward position, stayed for a couple hours and sent home with a script for percocets PRN and tylenol and motrin alternating every 4 hours for pain.  Pain was surprising minimal, doc states due to nerve block, which for me lasted a little over 24 hrs…..all good and fine until it wore off, then quite a bit of pain in incision area as well as weird shooting pains in the sole of foot with occasional feelings of fluid dripping down foot…..talked to doctor said completely normal for shooting pain and occasional “weird feelings” following a nerve block……

Will continue tomorrow, have 3 kids, 10, 11, 13 home with me so trying to do as little as possible but its incredibly difficult to manage things when I can’t walk and suck on crutches……anyhow, more to follow…..