July at a glance

Not posted in awhile, life continues, with mainly good days, but the odd bad day especially when the weather is dreary and wet.   For some reason it seems to like to have a burning sensation on wetter days.  Maybe it is in my mind.  Running is still slow going, but progressing, It still feels more awkward then anything else but the calf is strengthening up nicely.  Last weekend I ran 10km for the first time since the accident, it was very slow and by the end I was pretty tired but I am preparing for the Overlander Marathon Weekend 10k run/walk event in August.  With medal in hand I will head back to the Ortho, and ask her if she won the lottery yet, because I ran long before the end of the summer.

I try to concentrate so I don’t walk with a limp, but when I get tired that seems to be hard to todo, and chasing my grandkids around while they were visiting was an experience, man 3 year old’s are a bundle of energy.  Two speeds, Sleep and go.  All the while their mouths are questioning everything, WHY WHY WHY is his favorite question.  Tomorrow I am off to Calgary for the folk festival, which will be nice.



10.5 weeks


Been a while, but things are going well, I have my good days and bad days, but the recovery overall is speedy.  I am still working to get muscle strength back in my calf, but my range of motion and flexibility has come back fully.  The Physio was amazed at how fast this came along.   I am now doing a Beginners running schedule, which has me doing this week, running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute.  I can cover about 2.25 miles in 30 minutes that way. Only about a mile short of normal in regular runs.   I have purchased a bike, and get out 3x per week, longest ride to date has been 21.5km,  I am building up to ride 40km.

I am setting my sites on participating in this years 10Km event as part of the marathon weekend in august, doubt I will be able to run the whole distance, but would love to run/walk it in 75 - 80 minutes. (have been known to run it in less than an hour).  Next year we are planning the Maui Marathon still.  I guess the worse part is I can now tell if it is raining or not without having to look outside, and by the end of the day, the limp is much more then early.  But heck got a new job, just bought a new Condo life is good.



First Physio


Not much to report up until today, I did have my first physio and it was very promising. Angela who is handling the physio is very pleased with my tendon and the healing, while she still feels the swelling the repair seems to be just fine.  My mobility in my left foot (the one with the issue) is close to the right foot so she is quite pleased that there is not a long way to come back.  She was also pleased that with the swimming and biking over the last 3 weeks my muscle tone of my calf is quite good and gives good Resistance to some of test she did.  The emphasis now is some stretching and strengthening using bands.  As well as continue win the pool and in the gym  (like that was going to stop).  I can now use the Elliptical for 25 minutes and walking on the treadmill at a 5 degree incline at 3 miles per hour with shorten strides so that I am not limping.

I only need to go every two weeks, she gave my wife instructions on how to massage the calf muscle to help with the process, she says lots of water and exercise will help ensure blood flows to the area which apparently is nice and warm. This seems to be a good indicator of healing if the area is warm.  I am not ready for eccentric exercises to lengthen the tendon she figures maybe in 4 - 6 weeks,  as she wants to ensure that the tendon is well mended.  She like the doctor has given me the go ahead to run if I can run flat footed and comfortable.  Alas not yet.  But I am sticking with the plan, no running until the end of summer.

The good news I have this week is I got this Kick butt job offer, that will see me make 50% more than I am making now, as well as I just bought a good bike for road riding so I can start getting back on the road even if it is a different sport.  Things are coming together nicely.

Cheers all


Physio is booked

My Physio is now booked, I was discussing with Angela (Physiotherapist) that my rupture could not be as bad as what I have read on this blog site and others.  My recovery from my injury to FWB with two shoes was only 5 weeks.  She was in the gym last night, and we discussed a number of exercises for the gym.  This way we don’t waste time in the office riding bikes and doing exercises, as she says she can spend her time doing the hands on stuff, (at 100$ an hour I certainly don’t want to waste her time).

Yesterday was 20 minutes on the spin cycle, then 5 minutes kettle ball, and then 3 minutes on the elliptical.  I was able to improve my elliptical from 35 RPM on Saturday to 55RPM today and used it for 3 minutes rather then 1 minute.  Also can now balance on my injured leg without holding onto something while it is shaky it is better then I could do on the weekend at the gym.   the muscle is slowly stretching out, I am taking my time on this one, I stretch until I can feel a very mild pull then just hold it for 20 seconds.  Still a long way to go on that as well as strength but it is coming.


May 9. 2011.

Well if I do say so myself I have had an amazing recovery from this injury.  After a week in the Air Cast I started moving about the house flatfooted and no air cast (approved by the Ortho).  Each day was an improvement, by Saturday I took my first steps outside without the cast, I did wear it to go to the gym and work backstage.  However My wife and I went grocery shopping and decided to test it out.  Shopping was slow affair but but no adverse effects.  On Sunday, I decided to leave the cast off and walked to the gym.  Did the recumbent bike, (which I had already been doing in the air cast)  did 20 minutes easy on it, as it was a bit of a stretch without the cast.   Then did an easy 1 minute on the elliptical to see if I had the range of motion to use the machine.  With an easy motion, the flex did not bring my foot in any real hyper extension, but I decided to work at it slowly and got off after 1 minute.

I took a shot of driving my Standard car, while it was a bit awkward on Sunday, I took a stab at it after the pool this morning, and low and behold my foot and leg worked fine with no problems or awkwardness using the clutch.  This week I will continue to walk flat footed and avoid any hyper extension of my Achilles and will start physio next week, but I am in a fine position for it now, I just have to continue being smart and listen to my body and proceed with caution.  Running is still the goal, and the plan is still to run by the end of summer.  I don’t want to rush that bit.


"Next Year NYC Marathon and 42.2k)


Despite a very busy weekend managed to get into the Gym Saturday, did a kettle ball workout which must have looked strange in an air cast LOL.   Did ride the recumbent bike for 5 minutes with my cast on, could feel a bit of a stretch, typically I aim for 72RPM but only managed and easy 50 - 55 RPM.  I got the air cast last Wed.  I could not walk in the air cast at all, but by the time thursday noon came around my foot had flattened and I was in the right position to hobble a bit, but Thursday night I was moving quite well, but was very tired by end of day.

Today Monday I feel great, I am walking in the air cast no problem what so ever,  my energy levels are returning and the fact that I was able to walk slowly and flatfooted without the cast on has enthused me.  The Air cast will remain on for the duration, but it is nice I can at least now get from the bed to my dresser and closet without having to try to balance, clothes, and crutches.  Getting into the shower remains a challenge but I figure another week or so and even that will be come quite easy.

I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had to have surgery.  I finally get to see the Ortho on Wed.  Living way up north were we fly one in every other week, is a pain, I think he will be happy with my progress. I still maintain that I will be running at least once before the official end of summer.  Maybe be only a run/walk like a beginner, but I am determined.  Meanwhile I have been reading up on Bicycles so I can purchase one maybe next weekend.

Cheers Harry

Water Jogging

After almost 4 weeks of not working out I was able to hit the pool today for 20 minutes of water jogging, I was hoping for 30 minutes, but I am rather dependent on my wife to get up and drive me at 7am to the pool.  But it was wonderful, I put the water jogging belt on and into the pool I went, going about maybe 200m in about 20 minutes of jogging.  Not much exercise but something is better than nothing.  I kept to the deep end, through I was able to weight-bear up if I kept the water above my waist with the belt on.

We got home late last night, after a full night of working back stage,  without the crutches and being able to put weight on my foot with the Air Cast, I was moving sets around and giving a bigger hand then the previous night, which made the Stage Manager happy as she was worried based on the way I looked after the Dress rehearsal.  The show is over 3 hours long and after I managed to get the boot off and get ready for bed my wife was asleep, with my Arthritis I can’t put the boot on myself, because of my back where I have fused vertebrae (I can’t bend enough to reach the straps) I slept without the air cast.  I slept like a baby, with no discomfort what so ever, I had the crutches by the bed, and did not put any weight on my foot or ankle when I got up.  (playing it safe and smart).

Once my work out was done and she dropped me off work, she was getting out of the car to give me the crutches, I opted to leave them in the car, since my job is not that demanding in terms of running around the office, I am happy to walk/shuffle as needed.  I think I will have a good recovery if I play it smart. I did some toe crunches under my home computer table while I was waiting for my wife to get up.  September 18, 2012, Maui marathon Here I come.


Bruising from an air cast

Hi all,

I survived my first day in the air cast, but my foot is quite bruised, I cannot find any info on that, other than some small blurb basically saying it is pressure bruises.  Any opinions out there or experience on the matter.  Before I panic and head for my doctors office or sit around for 3 hours at an emergency ward I thought I would see if anybody else has experienced this.

On a good note, after the initial pain and movement this morning, I can actually comfortably bare some weight on my foot (in the cast of course),  I am very careful to ’shuffle’ and put my foot flat.  Which surprised me considering yesterday I could not put any weight on it at all, and the pain I had last night.  I am a bit tired from a not so restful sleep last night, but I am very pleased that I can put some weight down on the foot.



Horray Air Cast

Well the hard cast is off, and the Air Cast is on, I can put a little tiny bit of weight on it, but it is going to be a few days before I can do anything significant as the foot is yet to achieve 90 degrees.  This is actually more a hindrance then helpful because of my work backstage at My Fair Lady.  Yesterday I was whipping around back stage like a mad man, today not sure if I will be able to work back stage for the entire performance.  We will have to see, through I like the comfort of the air cast, my arthritis is going to make putting the damn thing on and off nearly impossible to do by myself.

Did talk quickly to the physio therapist, she says maybe can start physio in about 2 weeks if all goes well, and told me to get into the pool and swim, tread water, water jog.  She says that will help speed the recovery.  Friday morning I will drag  myself to the pool, along with my wife who will have to drive for me as we have a standard and I won’t be able to drive because of the clutch.

Life is just a series of adventures.


NYC trip

What a great trip to NYC, my wife and I had a good time despite the crutches.  It was a very tiring trip as NYC is a walking city, so I walked were I could, and we took a taxi were I couldn’t.  First I have a great admiration for those who live there, they were very gracious and helpful when they saw me hobbling about in a cast and crutches.  99.9% of the time people went out of their way to open doors, help me navigate lines and lineups.  Kudo’s for the manager at Tad’s Steakhouse across from Macy’s at Herald square.  He sat me down, help my wife carry the food, and treated me like a king.  If you get to Macy’s please go eat at Tad’s the food is good, and they deserve a round of applause not just for me, but all the customers.  I would eat there in a second.

Next up the staff at the Empire State building, a good bunch, that made sure I got where I needed to go, as well as the staff at Caroline’s comedy club on Broadway as well as the theater on 49th street where we saw Chicago.  Again helpful staff, making sure I was comfortable, and was able to get to my seats.  All and all, the people of Manhattan deserve praise for the kindness they showed this tourist on our trip to NYC.

Tomorrow I get my Air Cast, thank goodness, I told my wife one way or another this cast was coming off tomorrow even if I had to take it off myself. LOL.  I was hobbling around backstage trying to make myself useful during our My Fair Lady Production.  With the air cast life will be much easier back stage for not only me but the marvelous actors who are onstage.

Friday if all is well, I will hit the pool for some water jogging and swimming and in three weeks physio will start.  I am going to a private clinic rather then use the one at the hospital.  The Women who does the physio is quite familiar with the injury and has worked with sports team and professional athletes.  She cost a bit more, but i think it will be worth it to get a more specialized sports physio rather then just the hospital staff.

Anyway off to bed.