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July 25, 2008

Today I got the boot…

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So today was my first visit post-op, and I felt pretty good. Until the temporary fiberglass half-cast I have been in since the surgery was removed. Yikes! My incision had not been bothering me if I kept my leg elevated, so I was hoping for something a little better than the very raw sight that awaited me. No visible stitches, but one area was actually raw (some skin went with one of the steri-strips that was removed), and I was not prepared for what my ankle looked like. It had been bothering me with very nerve-y pain since the surgery, but the huge red and swollen bruise (if you could call it that) shook me up a little.

I should add here that I had my left ACL repaired three years ago by the same surgeon, and he does beautiful work, and I didn’t see much swelling from that surgery. I did however get terrible adhesions (my body scars too quickly) and had to tear them up in PT, only accomplished with the help of the deep breathing I had used while in labor with my two boys. That was a huge bummer, but I do feel like I have a bionic knee now!

So back to the ATR…long story short, the Doc thought it all looked good (!), that the ankle area would resolve with time, but that the incision was “a little red”. Is this code for “You’re heading for an infected wound”? (My current biggest fear?) Well, after manipulating my foot and ankle, briefly bringing it to 90 degrees (scary and weird even for a split second), my dressing was changed to xeroform dressing with gauze instead of steri-strips, and I was put in a boot with two lifts! Bye bye, see you in two weeks.

This does not seem to be what I have been reading about here…mostly it seems that a short (or long) period in a cast comes first? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled not to have a hard, tight fiberglass appendage, but now that the initial giddiness has worn off, I am a little scared. The boot I am in is just a foam liner and a black outer frame. I feel very exposed to danger from every direction. And the heavy boot feels like it is pulling on both my external and internal stitches! Help! I need somebody… to tell me if they have felt scared (and happy?) to be in the boot at one week post-op?????

First post-op appt. tomorrow

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Well, my husband first forwarded me this site after my injury, and I must say that it was all too much at first. I had my hands full just trying to get someone’s attention at Kaiser. More on that later…but for now, I have decided to give it a go and jump in. Just this first two weeks has had so many just-how-low-can-you-go moments, and this site is so chock full of info and experience, I am going to try and get past my reluctance to accept the situation…Anyway, tomorrow is my first post-surgery visit, and I have to get up at 5am to be driven by my 78-year-old dad down to the Bay Area while my husband stays up in Truckee with the kids…what the hell is going on! Hope to have something constructive to report tomorrow.

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