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August 21, 2008

Back to surgery tomorrow for wound cleaning

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Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post-op.

Just saw Dr. H. Twice this week to monitor wound. It is just not healing and there is a lot of dead tissue all around the wound now. He started to clean it out at his office again, but just put the tools down and said he would prefer to not take any chances and do it in surgery. He will clean the wound, cut away the dead tissue, check to make sure that the repair is unaffected, and re-close the wound with the good tissue.

Naturally my husband is on the East Coast. So I will be dropping my kids off at camp, and going to have surgery! I’m a little worried. This wound problem has really rattled me.

Did anyone else out there have this kind of surgical procedure on their wound?

August 18, 2008

Wound not healing…very worried.

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So I had to make a special visit to the surgeon today. The wound was painful and wet the last few days, and I can’t put any weight on it when standing, or find a comfortable position when sitting. Enough. Dr. H cleaned it out. He did a very thorough and deep tissue exam…He did not feel a lot of swelling or build-up under the tendon, inside the wound. When he squeezed and pressed around the incision, no pus came out, just a little blood. It seems there is a 1/2 inch wide swath of skin beside the actual incision that is dead and each time he cleans it away it doesn’t heal over. So that area has grown over the past week. Now I am not supposed to use steri-strips anymore. Just gobs of antibiotic ointment and gauze. And an oral antibiotic (keflex). I have an immune deficiency (IGA) that might be contributing to this…and I am very worried. I want this to close and dry up. Please. Going back on Thursday to have it checked again.

August 17, 2008

Home again, home again…

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We moved back to SF on Friday. My four week surgery anniversary. Mr. C did a great job doing my workload and his, the packing, cleaning, kid wrangling, etc…and my dad continues to help us in any way he can (lots and lots of driving!) I scooted around doing some light cleaning and packing, and man did I break a sweat. That’s what four weeks on the couch will do! It is nice to be home, but I already miss the trees and the mountains and the sunshine. The kids are happy to be home, which surprised me as they loved Tahoe so much. One week of soccer camp and then school starts…summer went so fast.

We went to a little playground picnic for incoming Kinders, and I connected with some families from our school whose kids are in my third grader’s class, and now I am not quite as worried about all the logistics. I feel there is some support out there somewhere. As much as I loved being up in Truckee, it was isolating not to have good phone service, and being away from my home network. The logistical complications started to get the better of me.

I continue to be concerned about the wound (see 2nd post-op post), but will try to hang on until this Thursday, when I have my 3rd post-op appointment. I am supposed to take my last wedge out this week (before the visit), but am not sure I will make it. It is so painful without the last wedge, I may wait until Thursday…so on and on it goes.

This fourth week has been a difficult one for me personally. My morale has taken a nosedive, and I cry like I never thought possible, although today seems a little better already. Mr. C leaves Wednesday for a trip to the East Coast. I think if the wound would heal up, I might feel like I was making some progress….So just praying for that every night and every morning.

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