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October 15, 2008

FWB and first PT appt.

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I have finally done it.

“Walked” across the kitchen without crutches.

Between the boot and the swinging arms, I’m just not sure you can really call it walking. That might be premature. And now I have to wear a clog on the other foot to bring that leg up to approximately the same height as the one in the boot. I don’t usually ever wear shoes in the house. And now I need to wear it anytime I step out of bed, off the couch etc. Let me just say there was a moment the other night where I found myself for whatever reason needing to get from one end of the house to the other in a hurry and not finding much to cover up with…I was caught in the act by Mr. C who probably hasn’t laughed that hard for a while. A proud moment. Very dignified.

So, yes, I can get around on two feet in my own special way. I still use the crutches when I go out in the world…as a reminder to myself and others that I am not totally steady yet. To celebrate my new-found sense of freedom, my friend K kindly came and picked me up (still can’t drive) and we had lunch and went to a movie in the middle of the afternoon. Decadent. Vicky Christina Barcelona transported me to another world and the Slanted Door filled my deep craving for crispy imperial rolls and papaya salad. So good.

This was followed by my first PT appointment. Two weeks ago I had an intake appt and was sent home with exercises to do to begin getting some movement back in my ankle. I did them dutifully, and yesterday had good results…more flexibility at all angles measured. This time the PT did some intense manipulations of my foot…alarming at first, but then…the heaven’s opened and angels sang…my ankle felt released from a great constraint, and felt almost normal for about an hour!

Now the thera-bands have made their appearance and I have a new set of exercises to do, in addition to standing (yes, standing) in my bare feet (yes, you heard right, bare feet) holding on to the kitchen counter and swaying my weight side to side and doing mini-squats. Yikes! Are you kidding! This has been the scariest transition for me…bearing weight without the boot. I did it in the office yesterday, but I haven’t tried it at home yet. I know. Wimp.

But seriously, you have never seen such a limb of flab. Nary a muscle to be found, not in the foot, or the calf, or the thigh…you get the picture. I used to have such a nice calf, a nice leg really, it was one of my better features, now that it is gone. Sigh.

So I will continue to walk the walk and do the work…even though the thera-band flex-ercises give me the heebie jeebies. Every time I feel the AT moving, along with all the scar tissue and adhesions, it just about turns my stomach. I guess I just want to stop feeling it all the time, thinking about it all the time. I am ready to move on. Finally.

Oh, did I mention I am going back to work on Monday? Teaching piano. Yep.

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  1. Hilary-
    Congratulations on ditching those crutches. PT is a lot of work but SO worth it. I have been to 5 sessions now and I am 10 weeks post-op. That nice leg you had will come back quickly. I have gained 2cm in muscle already just from doing PT two times a week and then 2 times on my own following the same routine.
    One thing you didn’t mention about PT was whether or not they did any soft tissue massage. This will help greatly with your adhesions and scar tissue. Also after my session this Monday my leg was really tender. My PT “taped” my leg from the bottom of my heel to the top of my calf muscle. Just one long strip. She said it was to help lift the skin off the tendon and allow the inflamation to subside. It worked really well. I felt great by the end od the next day. Just a few things to ask your PT about. I think being a little scared doing any of the excercises is normal for all of us. I suppose it will take months for the fear to subside. Every little twinge still gets my pulse going.
    Hang in there because this is the hard part with some ups and downs but also the part where you start to control the injury.
    Good Luck,

    Comment by Matt — October 15, 2008 @ 10:12 pm

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