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I have been going to ‘Rehab’ (the Rehabilitation Centre at my local hospital) for the past 2 weeks and the range of movement and strength is improving. Twice weekly Gym sessions up to now have comprised of  static cycle, wobble board, rower, a couple of balance exercises and quad squats with the aid of an exercise ball against the wall. Today the activity level was increased by adding  stepper and treadmill work,  eliptical cross trainer was attempted but proved too difficult due to reduced dorsiflexion. As a result I am now bloody knackered! That Gym supervisor is pure evil.

In terms of measurable capability, I now have a moderate limp when walking at greater than 2.3mph (my wife rates it at 3.5 out of 10).  Dorsiflexion is reduced compaired to the good leg (on good side can push my knee to the wall with foot 13cm/5″ back and flat to floor as opposed to 5cm/2″ for the injured leg). Physio reckons that the dorsiflexion will probably never get back to pre-injury level. Double heel raises are still very challenging.

I am determined to prove the Physio wrong and my new goal is to achieve 13cm of dorsiflexion on each leg before Christmas. Any advice on exercises to help with this would be appreciated.

Keep on getting better.


mari on 1 December, 2009 at 5:43 pm #

No advice, but good luck!

2ndtimer on 1 December, 2009 at 11:03 pm #

Highflier, you are very ambitious…
I feel pretty comfortable by now, but I must admit my dorsiflexion is still not like in the good leg. As you just started physio this is already pretty good, later on squats will help you, and balancing on one leg, putting down and picking up objects from the floor.
Going down stairs normally is a good challenge, too. But I do not think you are ready for these yet. Patience!

normofthenorth on 25 January, 2010 at 5:39 am #

I consider the recovery of my first ATR (8 yrs ago, with surgery) a HUGE and TOTAL success, but I never did recover my former dorsiflexion. As I recall, my “bad” toe was maybe 2 cm closer to the wall than my “good” toe (which is now my “bad” one, since I just tore the other side!).
But other than that measurement test, I literally never noticed the difference, and that includes returning to competitive volleyball (beach and court), bicycling, racing small sailboats, etc.
There’s a limit to how little flexion one can ignore, but “never get back to pre-injury level” is WAY less serious than it sounds!

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gilbertoscar33 on 2 February, 2021 at 5:59 am #

I am determined to prove the Physio wrong and my new goal is to achieve 13cm of dorsiflexion on each leg before Christmas. Any advice on exercises to help with this would be appreciated.

vaynelusifer13 on 13 April, 2021 at 5:48 am #

I have been going to ‘Rehab’ (the Rehabilitation Centre at my local hospital) for the past 2 weeks and the range of movement and strength is improving. Twice weekly Gym sessions up to now have comprised of static cycle

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