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17 weeks along

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel. It is not all that close but I am finally feeling like a sense of normal is coming back.
I am 17 weeks post ATR non op and no longer feel walking is totally foreign.
I can do a bunch of feeble single leg heel raises without feeling like my foot is being crushed which in my world is very exciting.
Next challenges to tackle- coming down stairs like a normal person and matching up my calves. My first ATR leg now has less calf muscle. And I thought that one advantage of doubling up the ATR experience would be somewhat matching up my legs!
Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and all the best for 2015!

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My Balancing Act

As well as the whole shebang of strength, mobility and gait pattern that goes AWOL after ATR we lose the ability to balance on one leg. The good news is that it is a very trainable skill!

I have put together my own set of exercises and after a couple of weeks it is all coming back. Hallelujah!

Here are the 6 exercises that sound easy- but aren’t. I perform each on the good leg so that there is a patterning for the affected leg to follow. One minute of balance followed by 10 second rest, if you have a timer app on your phone it makes it super easy. Twice a day if you can squeeze it in.

First level is in supportive shoes, then move to barefoot. The most important thing is that you are balancing on the whole foot- not windmilling ever body part possible and standing on the the outside of your foot. Tap down the foot or hold on as needed.

1. stand on leg and trace semi circles with the raised leg- just above the ground to start and then higher.

2. stand on leg and reach down to a sofa or coffee table keeping the raised leg and back in a straight line- like a single leg dead lift. Work towards not touching back down on the ground.

3. stand on one leg and pass an object over head- start with a yoga block and move up to a weight.

4. stand on one leg and look to left, then up to the sky, then down to the floor- look to the right and then up and down.

5. stand on one leg and toss a ball from hand to hand.

6. stand with the feet in line and heel to toe- affected leg in front first. Close eyes and move head side to side.

Practice up- these could develop into your best party tricks of the holiday season!

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