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13.5 weeks

I am 13.5 weeks into my recovery on the non-op route and so far things are going well. So far I have managed to judge how successfully I can push each day, and as all of us know the constant rehab is the key to getting back to normal.

Like many who have posted I have had rather unusual medical care. In emerg I was told that surgery was not an option and casted, my first OS appointment was set for the 2 week mark. After reading up on this site I went armed with a modern protocol that I knew would fit with my life and one that I felt comfortable following regardless of the support of my OS. I have added the protocol at the end of the post, it is identical to the CFAS link (now broken!) on Cecilia’s much cited page.

My OS saw me at 2, 6 and 10 weeks- at that point my tendon was well formed and I was released from his care. A little scary and in my opinion far too early but that is they way it is.

PT is something that I have had to source as a private patient. I have chosen a great PT who works with an anti gravity treadmill. What an awesome piece of equipment! I have been using it 3 times a week since week 9 and started single calf raises at 10 weeks- just 20% of my body weight so doable! On top of the treadmill I have a of a ton of exercises to do at home- balance, calf raises,squats, gait etc etc. Combined with the stationery bike and a whole body gym routine the days are full, but it is great to see improvements daily!

Having gone through this twice is a blessing and a curse. Really who would want to even think about repeating the experience? But it is the experience that has made me feel confident and comfortable with strongly advocating my recovery path. For those who are in the early stages- it really does get better and better each day, week and month!


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