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2 Shoes

Happy days, I have officially started wearing 2 shoes. After a few sessions on an Alter G I am boot free at home, slow and cautious but it feels fine. I can take small steps limp free, and pain free which feels awesome.
I am not pushing dorsi flexion too much right now, I know that it will come- the rest of my ROM is getting very close to my good leg. I just need to keep building strength and balance which I am not worried about, it will come over time. As far as my tendon goes it is doing well, not too much scar tissue- just has one section which is slightly narrower. With time and PT it will continue to fill out.
So at 10 weeks non-op things are on track for a successful and full recovery.
Happy healing to you all

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8 weeks!

I am getting to the 8 week mark here, I am surprised how quickly the weeks are passing- I have even had to check back on my calendar a couple of time to be sure I had the right week count!

I was in a cast for the first 2 weeks and then moved into a Vacocast. Since then I have been following their protocol-

  • week 2-4, 30 degree fixed
  • week 4-6, 30-15 degree hinged
  • week 6-8, 30-0 degree hinged

The next phase is +10 to -10 degree in the boot for another 2 weeks and then transitioning to 2 shoes at week 10. A little slower than the other protocols but it suits me  just fine as I have a week away during that time. I also feel that following the protocol from beginning to end makes sense.

I have to say that I don’t feel there is much restricting my day to day life during this recovery, I do feel more tired but that is probably a combination of healing and not having the best sleep. I started ROM exercises at week 2, PT at week 4 and have been riding a spin bike most days for the last month. I can do a normal upper body and core workout at the gym and with yoga and foam rolling feel like I am keeping any side effects to the rest of my body at bay.

At 6 weeks I passed the Thompson test which was not a great surprise, it was obvious that there was now a tendon where it should be!

Now I am getting closer to moving out of my boot I have the same feeling that comes when all of a sudden you realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Excited, but totally aware of all the work that needs to be done. I will be using an Alter G treadmill, the pool, more acupuncture and of course lots of PT to get me through the next phase.

I actually can’t remember lots of the details about my last ATR, I do remember lots of pain, swelling and discomfort, and that I went from 8 weeks in a few different casts straight into 2 shoes. No transition, just straight out of the door and into an incredibly busy life. I guess if that was possible this time around will be just fine!

I can’t say enough about how glad I am that I took the non-op route, and that I found this site.

Hope everyones recovery is going well!

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