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Five weeks plus and recovery is going really well- that makes me happy!

Having been down the ATR road many years back with a surgical repair I was reasonably concerned at first that the non-op route was valid. So far I am thrilled. Pain is minimal as well as the comparative impact on my day to day life, and there is lots to be said for both of these.

Being able to shed the boot means I can gently move my foot and work through PT exercises. I can massage my leg and work on swelling before it sticks which is a huge advantage- now my poor old foot is no longer acting like a zombie.

Most importantly my tendon is remodelling. It is a work in progress down there but the fact that the body is able to  do this all on its own- no knife, drugs, stitches or scars is truly amazing.

So, right now I am quietly confident and happy!

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Week 2 and into a Vacocast

The slowest two weeks have to be those following rupture, NWB, crutches, fighting the blues make for a total pain.

What a change a boot makes. My Vacocast arrived at the very last minute and just in time for my 2 week OS appointment today. It was the first time the staff at my local hospital had seen this boot, my doctor thought it looked like a great improvement over the typical boot. The nurse turned his nose up at it big time.

He refused to believe it would be possible to swim in it- if I did I would get heel rot! Its too bad that new ideas challenge some “professionals”. It is also too bad that the nurse couldn’t be bothered to read any of the the instructions and set the boot at 20 degrees instead of 30. No harm done, I refitted and adjusted the straps etc easily.

My doctor seems very relaxed and is happy to let me follow the Exeter protocol. Not sure if this is the protocol he uses, maybe is as it didn’t seem to raise any eyebrows. I am so glad that I am not battling old school rehab that’s for sure.

For now I am happily testing the water, slowly PWB. So far seems like it is very doable, but will build over the coming week. ROM feels bizarre but having the boot off is such a treat!

I have started to think about the connection between antibiotics and ATR. I was given tetracyline as a toddler, it stained and left a ridge on my forming teeth. I can’t help but wonder if there is any research the effects of drugs such as these on young tendons……

Hope your days are happy and healing is a work in progress!

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