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Week one done

There is no doubt that ATR recovery is a huge test of patience.

Life with your feet up is not all it is cracked up to be. I am a very active person and it is so hard to not be frustrated by the crutches and inability to do simple tasks. Taking it one day at a time!

I have been doing lots of research on recovery, my last rupture was pre-Google. How things have changed.

My foot is currently cast at 27 degrees. I wasn’t given any other info at the time other than the casting would be changed progressively and a boot used at some point. Is 27 degrees too close to neutral?

I also am still getting some swelling- will keep the chunky old leg elevated as much as I can so that this hopefully passes soon.

Happy healing!

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Snap! Once really should have been enough

A quick step off my mountain bike and I heard that unmistakable sound from my left ankle. Unfortunately I heard it more than 15 years earlier on the other leg so knew exactly where I was heading.

My last rupture was surgically repaired and I have had a great recovery, it was a long road though. I was so worried when the non-surgical route was my only option this time. Was it going to be inferior, strong enough and would the recovery be full? I was given very little advice in the emerg department which didn’t add much in the way of faith.

Thanks to all the info on this site I am now totally confident. I am in a cast and will be seeing my OS in a couple of weeks armed with a Vacocast. Fingers crossed he will be on board with the UWO protocol!

So- I am 4 days in, staying positive and resting up. I am able to move my toes easily- it this normal?

I must say that skipping the trip to surgery is a huge plus. It took me weeks to get over the op last time and the fear of infection was huge. By the time the final cast came off I had no hope of moving my ankle much which added lots to an already extensive rehab.

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Hello world!

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