5 weeks in plaster, 12 days to go. Anyone feel like this ?

Went back to Consultant on Monday. Moved foot to neutral position and replastered it for another two weeks. Boy am I frustrated now. He said in two weeks I will leave the hospital on crutches with the plaster off and a wedge in my trainer, he says all being well I could be running by October. does anyone have any experience of what to expect after coming out of plaster after 6 weeks and with the wedge in the trainer ? I cannot wait to get moving again……

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  1. I’m at the 10 week mark now and really moving around well, back in two shoes. I was out of the cast and in the boot in 4 weeks, the first week or two with the boot I was still using the crutches, but it is a lot easier to move without the cast on. The first day in my boot I was walking around but very very slowly. Each person is different but you should be moving around much better soon. Start theropy asap as it has been a big help to me.

  2. You can do it, just wait for it…

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