14 days since Op - how long to jogging ?????????

Went back yday to Fracture Clinic and positive news - stitches out and cleaned up, consultant thought everything was healing well. Foot was put in different position - mid range for another two weeks and then he said it would be put into 90 degrees and then plastered again for two weeks. Then looking at a wedge in my trainer and rehab, I have got a physio lined up. Great responses from guys - really appreciated. I just wondered how far will I be off jogging after the 6 week period when my plaster comes up, I know there will be loads of rehab, I just really hate this period of complete inactivity, it is so frustrating -from being a complete rugby playing, gym attending, fitness addict - to a couch potatoe with foot high in air is completely mind numbling boring !!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Henry 152

    Sorry to hear about your injury. I was really worried about not doing any exercise too - so what I’ve done is go to the gym, sit on the exercise bike and pedal using my good leg only. I generally try to do an hour a day and follow this with a upper body workout. One advantage of the injury I have found is that my previously underused arm and shoulder muscles have been getting a lot of attention - with positive effects according to my girlfriend.

    All the best as you recover.


  2. I went for a gentle run/walk, 45 min on flat trail, 17 weeks to the day since my surgery. It felt great and I’m now thinking this summer of running will be almost like normal. The couch potato days of jan/feb/mar seem a distant memory!

  3. Im the same, from a football/gym lover to a couch potatoe, its only been a week and its very hard. My right leg is in a cast and am thinking of going to the gym today, just to do some upper bosy stuff on the machines. I worry about my leg sweating too much as you’re not meant to get it wet/moist right? Dont want it getting too manky…

  4. I would not recommend going to the gym in a cast for the exact reason you state. You can do some basic exercises at home and upper body. However, if you move into a aircast boot just buy some wet wipes and wash your leg/foot with these. Worked for me until I could take showers/baths.

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