Plaster off tomorrow after 6 weeks, anyone advice on cream for scarring ?

Hi all,
Does anyone have any advice for a cream to reduce scaring on the wound area ? My plaster comes off tomorrow - phew !! and was wondering what I could do to reduce the scarring ? Heard silicone pads ?? Going to be put into a wedge on top of my insole for my trainer and then PWB and physio tuesday….
Anyone out there have any advice…..

5 weeks in plaster, 12 days to go. Anyone feel like this ?

Went back to Consultant on Monday. Moved foot to neutral position and replastered it for another two weeks. Boy am I frustrated now. He said in two weeks I will leave the hospital on crutches with the plaster off and a wedge in my trainer, he says all being well I could be running by October. does anyone have any experience of what to expect after coming out of plaster after 6 weeks and with the wedge in the trainer ? I cannot wait to get moving again……

14 days since Op - how long to jogging ?????????

Went back yday to Fracture Clinic and positive news - stitches out and cleaned up, consultant thought everything was healing well. Foot was put in different position - mid range for another two weeks and then he said it would be put into 90 degrees and then plastered again for two weeks. Then looking at a wedge in my trainer and rehab, I have got a physio lined up. Great responses from guys - really appreciated. I just wondered how far will I be off jogging after the 6 week period when my plaster comes up, I know there will be loads of rehab, I just really hate this period of complete inactivity, it is so frustrating -from being a complete rugby playing, gym attending, fitness addict - to a couch potatoe with foot high in air is completely mind numbling boring !!!!!!!!

10 days since op. What can I expect ?

Hi, 1st time on site. Played rugby back on 09/05/09 and tore my left achilles. Straight to A & E,(excellent advice from physio on pitchside) and Consultant there said complete rupture. Back to fracture clinic on Monday and operated on 12/05/09, told by Consultant op went well. In front slab cast until 26/05/09 - when stitches out and will be put into full cast for a further 4 wks, but cast altered. Then into trainer with wedge underneath. Can anyone tell me of their experience relating to this kind of rehab ? I have physio lined up for 6 wks after injury. but feel mega cheesed off as really active rugby player (good standard) and runner / weights etc etc and now nothing ! Will I be able to partially weight bare even in a normal cast after 14 days from op ? Anyone sharing their experiences would be really appreciated. This is the 2nd rupture for me (10 yrs) ago did it, put in cast for 10 wks and then physio, running within 4 months. Cheers Henrys Cat,.

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