12 Weeks

September 1, 2009

Finally have been able to do some light running.  MD said brisk walk 10 minutes, jog 10 minutes, brisk walk 10 minutes, increase jog by 3 minutes a week.  After only 5 minutes of brisk walking, I couldn’t help breaking into a jog, so I’ve been doing brisk walk 5 minutes, jog 20 minutes, brisk walk 5 minutes.  Surprisingly, I’m not feeling it much in the tendon at all.  Feeling it more where the upper calf joins the back of the knee–no pain, just very tight.  Biggest complaint at this point is the swelling I still get in my ankle joint when I sit at my desk at work all day.  Soccer season started last Sunday and I’m itching to play.  MD wants me to wait 4 more weeks (i.e., 16 weeks post-op).  I’m thinking 2 more weeks, but will just have to see how things go.

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  1. trisportgirl Says:


    Me, too! On the whole ankle swelling while sitting at work thing. It doesn’t really happen at any other time. I played 18 holes last weekend in the boot and had no swelling whatsoever afterward. I can’t figure why it’s only at work.

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