Fifty years old.  Left achilles.  Probably ruptured in two phases.  First was while playing soccer on 04/19/09.  There was no archetypical pop or sense of being hit from behind.  There was just a tearing sensation followed by moderate pain and swelling.  After 2 weeks, there seemed to be some improvement, so I foolishly tried to play soccer again on 05/03/09 and experienced a further tearing sensation followed again by moderate pain and swelling.  Had MRI on 05/05/09 which radiologist interpreted as moderate partial tear.  Suburban orthopedist recommended conservative treatment; i.e., no surgery.  Got 2d opinion from one of the downtown ankle “rockstars” on 05/13/09 who said functionally speaking it was a complete tear, I needed surgery and it wasn’t even a close call.  Surgery was 06/09/09.  In recovery room, MD scoffed at “moderate partial tear” diagnosis and said he found tendon was just hanging on by a thread.  In fairness, there may have been some further tearing while climbing down a ladder between MRI and surgery.  Was in a plaster splint (really more like a cast) for 2 weeks to 06/22/09.  Then was in a fiberglass cast for 2 weeks until 07/06/09.  Then was in a brace with wedges and doing physical therapy for range of motion for three weeks to 07/28/09.  By that time, I had regained almost all of my ROM but strength was nonexistant.  At 07/06/09 some infection and swelling was evident at site of surgery which MD said to treat with hot soaks.  At 07/28/09 infection and swelling were essentially unchanged and MD started to treat with antibiotics.  From 07/28/09 to present, PT has started to focus on strength which has improved but still has a long way to go.  Antibiotics are working, surgery wound is almost healed and swelling is almost gone.  Am walking with almost no limp.  Have a followup with MD on 08/11/09 mostly to check on infection.  Hopefully he will clear me for some light running then.

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