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Swimming at almost week 6: is that too soon?

Almost week 6 - ortho told me to take out last 2cm wedge on Monday (week 5 exactly) but it felt too much like it was pulling on the tendon. So I’m varying it & taking last wedge out for a while each day then putting it back in.
I also went for a swim yesterday, very gingerly, but again the doc said I could (although aware he may have less clue about what’s ‘right’ than I do). But it felt great to swim! Did anyone else swim this early?

Doc also said 2 shoes at 8 weeks, but he didn’t mention any inserts. He said, ‘just wear trainers’. Any advice welcomed. Is 8 weeks too soon (non-op) for 2 shoes?

Also, if I’m comfortable in 2 shoes at 8 weeks, can I drive? We have just started renovating our house too, so driving will be even more useful than usual for lots of things! Although I still have my knee scooter: am loathe to give it up until I can walk a bit faster.

One other interesting thing my doctor said was that I only had a partial rupture, according to the ultrasound I had at 10 days post injury. While I would be happy if this were true, I don’t think it is since I failed the Thomson test the first night of the injury when I went to casualty. I also failed it a week later when the first cast came off. I suspect that the tendon had just started to knit together by day 10 and that’s why it looked like a partial tear on the scan …

Hope everyone is healing well: I have my days of feeling down, especially having to deal with renovation too & work as usual. But trying to stay positive & see light at the end of the tunnel!

Week 4: 4cm or 2cm?

I’m now entering week 4 and wondering if I should reduce the heel lift in my air cast boot by 2cm further, so down to 2cm from 4cm, as per UWO non-operative rehab protocol? But Wallace says 4cm to week 6. Am thinking I might do what I’ve been doing all along & average it out so wait until week 5 and then go to 2cm. In fact I have appt with OS at week 5 so can ask him (although I think I know more about non-op recovery than him at this point!)…
In other news, my physio appt last week was ok (uk NHS)- she agreed that all ankle exercises as per UWO protocol are good and she also recommended spelling out the alphabet with my foot as a way to alleviate the boredom of circles! She also gave me hip/gluteal exercises but doesn’t want to see me again until week 6 - she says the real physio only gets going once the boot comes off. Am seeing another sports physio tomorrow privately so will see if he says differently.
Finally I STILL cannot get the timeline widget to work despite repeatedly trying to install/activate. Sigh.
Happy healing everyone!