For the love of all things holy- day 2 post-surgery

October 1st, 2008

I am again questioning whether or not my orthopedic surgeon has engaged in experimental techniques with my repair.  I know that in the days of yore it was common practice to employ the use of leeches to drain off blood and excess swelling and I’m wondering if my surgeon is using fire ants and/or lightning. I’m Day 2 (almost Day 3) post-surgery and I’m fairly certain that there is a small army of fire ants in my splint and a bucket full of lightning.  And this isn’t the happy variety of fire ants that you may be familiar with - I’m pretty sure that this is a new mutant breed of angry, unloved and maybe menopausal fire ants who are none too happy to be trapped in a splint with my unwashed foot….  I’m actually not even mad - I’m more impressed as to how someone could capture, train and mobilize an entire army of fire ants and transport it into my cast within the confines of a sterile operating room.  

Anywho, has anyone else had this much pain at this point post-op?  I delivered a 12 lb baby with no epidural and I’ve had compound fractures that didn’t hurt this much.  I’m taking 2 percocet every 4 hours with Toradol every 6 hours for breakthrough pain.  My husband has also constructed an elevated Olympic-sized ice rink in our bed to keep my bum foot nice and chilly (but it’s only helping a little and he won’t let me drive the zamboni….) 

Ooh, 1 AM, time for more happy pills… I’ll be back

5 Responses to “For the love of all things holy- day 2 post-surgery”

  1. sanfrantourguide on October 2, 2008 11:19 am

    Let us know if you do find out what caused the two black eyes and fat lip. It would interest us all! You could casually ask at your next ortho appt.

  2. hilary13 on October 2, 2008 11:35 am

    After my second surgery I had a kind of pain that might be similar to what you are describing….it was fiery and deep and would not go away…I was pounding down percocet and that couldn’t touch it either. When I got to the ER my blood pressure was skyrocketing and I was started to have trouble breathing! Turned out the post op dressing was too tight and was pressing on nerves on top of my foot and around my ankle. As soon as the pressure was relieved I started to feel better, and within a few hours I was very much improved, with “normal” post op pain.

    If your pain is not improving today, I hope you can get some help. Please post so we know how you are doing.

  3. Eisenadvisor on October 13, 2008 10:57 pm

    At least you know they did something. When I went in for a colonoscopy they put me to sleep, then woke me up and told me I was fine (I was also told that I had “what we in the business refer to as a tight sphincter.” That’s right—nothing goes in through the out door. But I digress). As far as I could tell, I went in for an important medical procedure and had received no medical care whatsoever. There was literally NO sign that they’d given me the ol’ up and in. For all I know, they put me to sleep, went out for coffee, returned, woke me up, and sent me a bill for $1000. I’m not kidding. I worry about this. Bottom line—appreciate the aftermath. Relish it.

  4. heather on October 14, 2008 5:50 am

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph! (imagine this being said with a strong Irish brogue) Amazing - you and tight sphincter are three words that I never would have put in the same sentence…..I can only imagine what being YOUR medical care team would entail - I guess if nothing else it would be highly entertaining! I’ll have to ponder your potential sphincter neglect quandry for a little longer, but rest assured…..I’ve seen every episode of CSI so I’m sure that with my Gil Grissom forensics certification I’ll have this little caper wrapped up before the Phils win game 4!

  5. bbyjane on July 22, 2009 1:09 pm

    I am 1 day post op and have the same type of pain. Burning, with an occasional sharpness. It’s almost intolerable at times. I am also taking two Percs every 4 hours, and I can’t stand it. I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day.


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