Meeting with the Doc; MRI

May 6th, 2013

Boring post, but goes along with the story.

April 22nd, I met my specialist for the first time after previously speaking with him on the phone.

He introduced himself, I explained my injury, he already had contact from the previous doctor visit about the Thompson Test being positive.  From there, he wanted to try and figure out where the tear itself actually was on my Achilles.  He pressed and prodded, again, not a pleasant thing.  It was painful.  Based on his pressing and where the most pain was located, he was concerned it was a little more rare than your typical Achilles rupture.  It seemed quite a bit higher than normal.

He scheduled me for an MRI on Wednesday the 24th of April.  His appointments only are on Mondays and Tuesdays, assuming he does surgery the other days.  So I was going to see him again the following Monday and he would let me know his diagnosis on the MRI and surgery or no surgery.  I was concerned about the amount of time after the injury between the surgery and he told me that due to the swelling in my case, it would be better to wait anyways.

MRI on Wednesday, then back to laying down with my foot propped up.

My foot was in a boot I had from right ankle ligament damage from 2 years prior.  Good thing for me anyways… saved some $ on a new boot.  Crutches as well..

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