Doc Call; Surgery April 26th

May 6th, 2013

So from my previous post, I had my MRI on Wednesday April 24th and was awaiting my doctor appointment on Monday the 28th to find out about surgery.

I got a call Thursday April 25th from the Doctor himself.  He told me he’d like to have surgery on my Achilles tomorrow (the 25th).  The tear was very high, and while he normally didn’t perform surgery at that height, he recommended it due to the separation of my Achilles.  There was a 5cm gap, a Type 3 tear. He told me it would only be a 1-2" incision, not too bad I was thinking.

24 hours later, I was arrived at the hospital for Surgery…

I went through all the prep work, as I’m sure all of you remember.  I was given a Nerve Blocker shot, apparently it hurt a lot (I told my wife that when she came in to see me pre-surgery), but thankfully I don’t remember it myself.  It was one of those ‘cartoon shots’, it looked about an inch in width with a needle coming out of it and I believe it went into the back of my leg, ouch.  Again, no memory of that thank goodness.  Thank you hospital drugs.

I woke up from surgery, no real pain, just a little sleepy and weak still.  I woke up with a ’soft cast’ on my left Achilles. Right below my knee and just shy of my toes.  I didn’t feel any pain at the time.  I did however find out that the tear was a little different than my doctor had thought based on the MRI.  I’m not even 100% sure yet, but my doctor told my wife that the tear was actually Achilles-Muscle.  As in it tore off my calf muscle, which he said was beyond rare.  During surgery they had to change the plan, they had to now stitch my Achilles to the Calf Muscle instead of Achilles to Achilles.  The Achilles - Calf connection required a different type of material which they did switch to.

Apparently this also required the expected 1-2" incision to be closer to 4-5" instead.  Hrmmmmm.  I still wonder if it was the doctors error in misreading the MRI, or the MRI being a difficult thing to analyze for an exact tear location.

Next post will be where I am now currently on May 6th, about 10 days post surgery.

3 Responses to “Doc Call; Surgery April 26th”

  1. hoppymodo on May 6, 2013 9:18 pm

    We put our faith in our surgeons, I hope you are not in pain now and that your surgery heals well, Hattrick30! (And does your name simply mean you’re a great bowler?)

  2. hattrick30 on May 6, 2013 10:41 pm

    hoppymodo, no pain for me currently, I’ll be posting my post op to 10days tomorrow, along with another one about my doctor update.

    Hattrick30, hattrick is a soccer term (other sports as well) and 30 is referring to my current age.

    We do put a lot of faith in our surgeons, I’m leaning towards not even asking the doctor about the surgery ‘change’. I’ve heard great things about this doctor from a lot of people, I’d like to stay positive in my recovery. If I realize what he did was in error, it would likely make me doubt everything else he says in the future and I truly do believe he is the best in my city. Perhaps this was an error, if it was… I hope this will make him reconsider how he views the rest of my recovery.

  3. mikejp88 on May 7, 2013 10:23 am

    Mine was similar to yours. My rupture was high (although no mention on how much gap). My surgeon was afraid it might have been in the muscle tissue but after the MRI decided it was not. He said that if it had been in the muscle he would not be able to do surgery because muscle tissue can’t be sewn up very well. “It’s like sewing through cheese with a needle and thread”. Also I met a guy who said he had a muscle rupture and that he was pretty much healed after 6 weeks with no lingering problems. Don’t take that as solid evidence though, he seemed to not know a whole lot about it.
    I’m curious to see how yours turns out. Hopefully he didn’t realize when he got in there that surgery was unnecessary.

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