Sep 03 2013


One More Week with the boot

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So I have one more week with the boot according to my doctor. I’m not sure what to expect from then on. Will I be walking with a boot and with crutches, no boot + no crutches, use an ankle splint?

I know I shouldn’t, but I have just started walking around the apartment without my boot for short distances and sleeping without my boot. Basically I can walk but I am keeping my ankle immobilized as if it were in the boot. The pad of my foot is tender and soft. I don’t fully trust my ankle yet but I know that will come with PT exercises. I am just wondering how I should manage my daily bus commute with a week ankle until it gets strong. I imagine I will be using crutches without the boot for partial weight bearing to build up the ankle strength. I wouldn’t mind wearing an ankle splint because as we all know, crutches are a pain.

I cannot weight to get into the pool and start swimming. I have also bolstered my fruit intake to help promote healing and improve elasticity in my muscles and tendons/ligaments. I don’t want to endure this ever again in my life.

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  1. lodinpdxon 03 Sep 2013 at 11:29 pm 1

    Oh I know how you feel - tell me how to avoid this ever again and I’ll do it. I have been taking handfuls of fish oil. (Well not really handfuls might be a slight exaggeration….) I hate being around people as it makes me so nervous! I would definitely use crutches or a cane long after I “needed” to on the bus if for no other reason than to swat people away from your foot! I took my daughter to a concert and when it was over and the masses were swarming to their cars I clung to her and used he as a human shield!

    Good luck!

  2. kellygirlon 04 Sep 2013 at 10:56 am 2

    At nine weeks, my ankle felt pretty stable. I had an Aircast when I transitioned into two shoes. It “reminded” me that I had to walk carefully and probably made people around me aware that I wasn’t 100%. It offers support and stability (and was fairly uncomforatable too.) I would have been hesitant to commute (up and down on buses) in two shoes for the first week or two. I think it’s reasonable to use the boot for commuting and then change into shoes when you are in a safer environment. Good luck!

  3. hashishon 04 Sep 2013 at 11:37 am 3


    You know my parents asked me if I wanted a cane and I said now. They had really old people canes with the 4 little legs and I didn’t want to use that. But I think I will start with 2 crutches for a little while then transition to one crutch. I’m afraid of the bus because the drive likes to take off while you are standing and I have a feeling that can cause some pain if I have to take a quick step to stabilize myself. I’ll also be careful of large crowds.


    I should have grabbed my air cast when I went to visit my parents, I will probably just grab one of those lace up splints. I’ve used them before and they work well. Using the boot for the commute seems like the best idea. As I mentioned before, the bus drivers like to take off while you are getting to your seat, but with my boot they don’t do that. My only issue is a petty one, the bottom of my dress pant does get wrinkled with the boot, but I’m willing to endure that instead of aggravating the injury.

    Thanks guys for the comments.

  4. kellygirlon 04 Sep 2013 at 12:04 pm 4

    Lol re: the dress pants. The sacrifices we endure for this injury! I think balance is tough early on. It took me by surprise when a child darted in front of my when I was walking one day–I felt like I couldn’t stop myself in time to avoid a collision because I was already moving forward and my bad leg wasn’t strong enough to stop. It’s a similar motion on a bus, I think–plus the getting up and down off the step. Good luck!

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