6.5 Weeks ATR - 2 shoes

Well I had my appointment with the OS and got a clean bill of health, at least at this stage and he said to start walking with 2 shoes and start physio. No strength training for another month, but I’ll see what the physio recommends. Certainly feels strange to be ‘walking’ again without [...]

5 weeks ATR, FWB

Just a quick update on the status of my rehab, which has gone well and I’m now ‘walking’ without crutches, which is pretty liberating. Now I’m experiencing the awkwardness of walking with a pretty significant limp and lopsidedness. So, I’m experimenting with various shoes on my good leg, to even out the balance. [...]

My first post - ATR + 27 days

Well, i’m posting fort the first time after doing my right leg while attempting an obstacle course that included a halfpipe jump. I’m a 54 yr old male, that stays pretty fit mtn biking, downhill skiing, some light basketball and golf. I experienced similar symptoms as others on this site, but without the [...]

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