6.5 Weeks ATR - 2 shoes

Well I had my appointment with the OS and got a clean bill of health, at least at this stage and he said to start walking with 2 shoes and start physio. No strength training for another month, but I’ll see what the physio recommends. Certainly feels strange to be ‘walking’ again without the boot, but liberating as well. Also got cleared to drive, which is a real bonus. He also said I could start stretching past neutral position (ie more dorsiflexion), which is difficult. Anyway, off to physio today for the first time.

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  1. Yay for you! I get to start trying to walk in 2 shoes on Friday. Have been driving for over a week in 2 shoes - but still walking in the boot. My doc told me the stretches to do and doesn’t have me going to PT until I can do strength training in May. The stretches are easy enough to demonstrate in the office and no need for a PT appt to learn them. I also forwarded one of the documents I found here to him and he OK’d a few more stretches from that which I added to my 3x/day repertoire.

    Off to workout so the rest of my body doesn’t atrophy - LOL!

  2. Cserpent, thanks for the encouragement. I had my first PT and he used the Chinese cupping therapy on my atrophied calf muscle to stimulate blood supply. You might have noticed Michael Phelps in the Olympics with several circles on his shoulder, which was using the same therapy. Anyway, it’s a bit uncomfortable, but hopefully works. He also did some ’stripping’ of the muscle (petrissage), which is pretty intense and then I did some simple ROM exercises with the Red coloured Thera-band. The most difficult exercise was a balance (with hand brace), with bent leg and then moving the good leg from front, to side, to back and then back next to my injured leg. Do that 10 times.
    Anyway, I have some things to work on for a week and see him again next week.

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