5 weeks ATR, FWB

Just a quick update on the status of my rehab, which has gone well and I’m now ‘walking’ without crutches, which is pretty liberating. Now I’m experiencing the awkwardness of walking with a pretty significant limp and lopsidedness. So, I’m experimenting with various shoes on my good leg, to even out the balance. I think I’ll have to look into the EvenUP to assist.
I do have a question related to the tracking spreadsheet, as I’m wondering if it compares non-op to surgery ATR for the various stages of recovery?

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  1. I would definitely recommend Evenup, if you already did not get it. You will be able to walk with normal gait and thus not put any unnecessary pressure on your knees and hips. You are a guy, so no option of wearing heels for you probably. ;) I was fortunate to be able to wear higher heels lady shoes when going out, so could leave Evenup at home on those occasions. Otherwise sports shoes + Evenup was the norm for me.

    Hope your recovery is going well!

  2. Thanks angesatr. I haven’t received my Evenup yet, as I bought it via Amazon, as I thought it would come faster. Anyway, getting more mobile without it and starting to stand on the atr without the boot in a very controlled environment. I see the Doc Monday, April 10, so hopefully will get the nod to drive.

  3. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I walk as normal, no limp. We hadn’t gotten ninjaessays.com before. Like that for about 4 weeks. My first few attempts at walking away were great and I had to lift up when I was at home. In the last couple of weeks the elling load has been quite low and I can walk at a pretty brisk pace. I have a dog and he helps me get out the door.

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