6.5 Weeks ATR - 2 shoes

Well I had my appointment with the OS and got a clean bill of health, at least at this stage and he said to start walking with 2 shoes and start physio. No strength training for another month, but I’ll see what the physio recommends. Certainly feels strange to be ‘walking’ again without the boot, but liberating as well. Also got cleared to drive, which is a real bonus. He also said I could start stretching past neutral position (ie more dorsiflexion), which is difficult. Anyway, off to physio today for the first time.

5 weeks ATR, FWB

Just a quick update on the status of my rehab, which has gone well and I’m now ‘walking’ without crutches, which is pretty liberating. Now I’m experiencing the awkwardness of walking with a pretty significant limp and lopsidedness. So, I’m experimenting with various shoes on my good leg, to even out the balance. I think I’ll have to look into the EvenUP to assist.
I do have a question related to the tracking spreadsheet, as I’m wondering if it compares non-op to surgery ATR for the various stages of recovery?

My first post - ATR + 27 days

Well, i’m posting fort the first time after doing my right leg while attempting an obstacle course that included a halfpipe jump. I’m a 54 yr old male, that stays pretty fit mtn biking, downhill skiing, some light basketball and golf. I experienced similar symptoms as others on this site, but without the loud POP. I experienced complete loss of power, as I was running up the halfpipe to jump for the ledge. Initially, I thought I had pulled my calf really bad, as the pain, when rubbing it was only in the calf, not the Achilles. I put ice on it right away and limped to my car and drove home. my wife then drove me to the drop in clinic and they confirmed an ATR with the Thompson test. they put a splint and bandage on and said I should get an ultrasound. As it was late in the evening, I was not able to get an ultrasound, so I tired the next morning and found out it would be another week before getting one. So I went to emergency and saw a doctor who re-confirmed the ATR and said an ultrasound was not necessary. They put a plaster cast on, toes pointing down and said NWB for two weeks and to book an appointment with the OS. There was no discussion about surgery at this time. During the two weeks, I read a number of blogs and was pleased to see the encouraging non-op results. When I went to the OS, I had about 3 minutes after they sawed off the plaster cast and he was very pleased with the healing and they put me into an Aircast with 3 wedges. He said NWB for 4 weeks and to take out a wedge per week. Curiously, his rehab protocol sheet that they gave me, showed PWB from weeks 3-6 with no more than 50lbs. So I have been PWB since week 2.5, but keeping it pretty light. He was also encouraging ROM, which I have been doing regularly, as I can work from home on the couch, with my foot out of the cast and wiggle my ankle. I have pretty good ROM for sideways and plantar, but have been keeping the dorsi to less than neutral. I pinged my PT (I am an experienced healer) and he was very tentative about engaging PT until my doc says so, which is a bit discouraging. I’ll slowly add some upper body and exercise, as I have a full weight room and stationary bike in my house.

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