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Nov 03 2008

Free at Last, Free at Last! Kinda

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Ok, I know, I’m not quite out of the boot but the end is in sight!  My doc says 1-1/2 more weeks in the boot and then I can go to 2 shoes!  He says stay in the boot for a bit longer because the 6 week post-op period was when the ATR was the most vulnerable and he wanted to make sure it was protected a couple more weeks.  But he said I could drive!  Yippeee!  What a freeing experience!  I carry a shoe around in the car just in case I get stopped, but obviously take the boot off to drive.  I went out walking for about a mile with just the boot.  True, it did swell a bit but ice & elevation sure helps!  My dog should be happy as my 2 young guys have not taken her out much.  This way, she & I both get our exercise.

Today is the 5th visit to PT.   More massage & Achilles mashing I’m sure.  But it’s been nice to see improvement, no matter how small.  Doing light theraband exercises along with core strengthening, stationary bike riding & ROM.  Feeling the expected tightness in the Achilles and still crabbing down the stairs as it pulls too much to go down “normally”.  Guess we have to define a new normal as we all adjust to life after ATR.  Still haven’t found my cowboy boots my doc had on his rehab notes but did get some other boots with a modest heel and good ankle support.  All waiting & ready for my two shoe day!

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Oct 28 2008

6 Wks Post-Op, 3 PTs, a Marriage & no sticks!

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I went thru the whole day yesterday & today without the sticks & didn’t miss them!  Not one bit.  In fact each day brings me closer to chucking them in the closet.  I walk around the house most of the time without the boot or crutches.  Still crabbing down the stairs.  Too much strain trying to go down the old normal way.  Gotta listen to the  body.   Today, my daughter & I went into the mall & I didn’t even think to grab those crutches!  Not once!  In fact, it wasn’t till we were coming out that I realized, stick free!  Whoooohoooo!  I’ve been making more & more short trips without them and actually got around the block without them, though yes, I was limping.  When I come home, I see them leaning against the sofa, looking so lonely!  Haha

I’ve had 3 trips to the PT and yesterday she massaged the heck out of that Achilles & I got that hurts good feeling, if you know what I mean.  She really mashed on it but said it had good integrity.   Also got some more laser & a bit of ultrasound.  Can’t quite do the whole thing as I still have one area, the one on top, that’s still open a bit.  (See my last entry with pix) I asked with some hope when I could drive again.  She said if it was up to her, she’d drive but I’d better check with my doc tomorrow.  I will, I will.  I did something like a leg press and then over to the slant board.  The weirdest exercise was standing on a dome & balancing on that.  Puts a mild stretch on the Achilles and as I looked down, it was evident how much more weight I was putting on my left leg rather than my right.  Can’t quite even it out without the ouch factor coming out so, I don’t push too far.  The constant rerupturephobia crops up and keeps me from doing something stupid (I hope). Also got to ride 10 minutes on the stationary bike, two shoes!  Kind of strange putting 2 shoes on even though I just rode on the bike.

My dear daughter has been my chief chauffeur & bottle washer this last week & a half & I’m deeply grateful for her help.  She helped me find my dress and shoes for my eldest daughter’s wedding.  (I know that was cutting it close but after surgery, I couldn’t get out!  You know how it is!)   We saw some really hideous things that she took phone camera shots of just to prove to friends they were really some truly awful designers out there.  She also “helped” pick out shoes.  I kept telling her I only needed one.  :-)   We tried flats. Ha! Can you say Quasimodo limp?  Then we tried heels, except she brought me some stilts.  Now I was limping the other way.   I asked if she was going for my other Achilles.  Heels and I aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence.  Finally found some.   Unfortunately, my dd is headed back to Hawaii soon.  I’d love to go with her but ah well, obligations.    It’s been great to have her over & not just for her help.

My eldest is off on her honeymoon-nobody knows where.  Her husband kept it all a secret.  She didn’t even know.  Can’t believe she’s married! It was a nice but non-traditional wedding.  They did all the planning.  I  made it thru with one heel on my good side and actually ended up limping less!  Height equalizer.  Try it sometimes.  You’d almost feel normal.   Though, by the end of the night, I was pretty tired and foot weary, both sides.

Now after the wedding, my son has gone back up to WY to go back to school & work, #2dd is back to Hawaii for work. (Her job is to help out on a scuba diving boat. Tough job.  Somebody’s gotta do it.)  My eldest is off with her new husband.  Whew!

Tomorrow I see my doc.  The burning question of the day will be, “When can I drive?”  I got a copy of the drs report to the PT and noted this week, I am supposed to start wearing cowboy boots.  Great!–except I don’t have any.  Not everybody in Colorado owns a pair. We’ll see what he says tomorrow.   I think I’m done with the sticks though and am NOT planning to go to the doc with them tomorrow!  Will I give my boot the boot tomorrow?

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