Nov 15 2008

Fatigue issues

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I’m at 8 weeks and I know if I’ve been up on my feet too long or using the leg too much. It seems after a vigorous PT session & the normal walking around just leave me so fatigued by the end of the day. 7pm rolls around & I’m falling asleep! How about the rest of you?  Wiped out more than normal by the time your day is done?

I had been swimming, lifting weights, walking the dog, trying to clean up & do the mom things with 5 kids around our house with less frequent taekwondo classes thrown in before this injury sidelined me.  As the summer went on, my older 3 struck out on their own, en masse it seemed & now just the younger 2 at home, so I was playing chauffeur for them.  Sometimes dog walker.  (That’s what the younger guys are for, right?)  They’re the black belts and have been encouraging me to get my black belt.  Not a good idea.

Now I find myself feeling tired out by 7 gives? I know being injured and recouping can take a lot out of you but surely by 8 weeks, my body should be getting stronger & used to the injury???

Pre-no problem, post-ATR I can barely stay up!  Anybody else having trouble with that?

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  1. Smishon 16 Nov 2008 at 7:53 am

    gw0508: I had problems with that too. I don’t know what it is in your situation but I figured out that I had a complication from the catheter used in my surgery. It took a little while for me to figure it out partly because I was still on pain meds that were masking some of the symptoms. Be on the lookout for some type of infection somewhere. I could not figure out why I was soooooo exhausted. I took a strong dose of anti-biotics and I was back to normal.

    I see that you are from Colorado. Me too. I use to compete for Littleton Tae Kwon Do. That was so fun. I hope you feel better soon.

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