Calf tightness, 15 months out

Hi everybody.  I chose the  non surgical route 15 months ago.  All has gone very well with the exception that I still have weakness in the calf of the torn Achilees leg.  Particularly pronounced when swimming.  It cramps up after a half mile or so, more often than not.  I’m doing the stretching and exercises [...]

10 months; tennis anyone; english channel?

After 10 months of recovery, I ventured onto the tennis court (scene of my ATR) for the first time yesterday with one of my daughters.  Even though we were just hitting ( wound up playing a few games), it was a bit nerve racking.  No observable difficulty but I took it very cautiously.   After an hour [...]

I’ve been to the mountain top!

Greetings to all.  Nearing the 10 month mark now, we ventured up to the wonderfully named “Blood Mountain” in N. Georgia this past weekend for a hiking weekend we’ve done now for over 20 years.  This is a strenuous 2 mile climb to the highest point on the AT in Georgia and a spectacular vista.   [...]

7.5 months

Hi everybody.  Been off for a month or so.  I guess its a function of the degree of normality - the less I notice the AT, the less I am inclined to keep up with the site and the new arrivals who need advice as much as I did in February.  Its a real tribute [...]

24 weeks - smooth sailing?

Last night we had dinner with some friends and a lively discussion arose about my stubborn insistence on returning to tennis, instead of golf.  My ATR tear occurred on the first day (!) of my “return” to competitive tennis after a 10 year sojourn into golf.  Not that both cannot be done,  but my approach [...]

22 weeks

Its been an uneventful last month.  No visits to the doc or PT.  I cancelled both, not feeling the need.  Yesterday I ran into the doc at lunch and had a lengthy conversation.  He has done zero AT’s since and its obviously not a big concern to him, but he did seem to have learned [...]

20 weeks

This week was somewhat of an ironic milestone.  For the first time I had difficulty remembering to do my exercises, except when in the pool.  I went on a business trip and forgot completely about my regimen for an entire day.  So, in that sense, I’m almost back to normal.  As to actual AT function, [...]

Ready for double dutch?

At 17 weeks.  missed my PT last week and have not had time to reschedule so I went outside this morning to try out the jump rope.  My PT said that was sort of like a “final exam” for him - once I can jump rope, there’s not much more they can do for me.  [...]

Calf muscle pull

Forgot to mention in previous post that the painful calf muscle pull dissipated in a few days, although I had step back my exercise intensity a bit.   Also got a charley horse in the calf muscle swimming of all things, severe enough I had to stop.  Reminded me of similar episodes running years ago.  But [...]

16 weeks

I missed a PT appointment on Tuesday due to an out of town trip, got back last night, went to the pool this morning and my PT was there working with another another patient.  Perfect - a short review at no charge!  He observed my one leg lifts on the top step of the pool [...]