I’ve been to the mountain top!

Greetings to all.  Nearing the 10 month mark now, we ventured up to the wonderfully named “Blood Mountain” in N. Georgia this past weekend for a hiking weekend we’ve done now for over 20 years.  This is a strenuous 2 mile climb to the highest point on the AT in Georgia and a spectacular vista.   I’m delighted to reported no difficulties whatsoever with my formerly injured AT.  Never thought about it once we got moving, in spite of several places where there are rather steep rock steps and ledges to push up and over.  It was a perfect day and an early moment of Thanksgiving!My heel lifts are gradually improving.  Generally I feel great.   With the addition of swimming to my work out regimen (initiated while in AT rehab) I’m in better shape than I’ve been for a long time.   Have decided to postpone tennis until the start of 011, so will report back at that time. 

Best wishes to all.

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  1. Great story, One I need to be reading. I’m 5 weeks post op and feel good.
    When cast comes off in 3 weeks I’ll be into rehab.
    Swiming sounds like a good habit during rehab by what your saying and others. I’ll be doing some of that I think
    Stay away from the tennis for a while and keep climbing!!!

  2. Quite a handle there. Yes, swimming is great for rehab and beyond. You can do things in the water a lot sooner than on land - walking, stretching, etc. While I was there, i decided to start swimming as well to get some cardio and got hooked. Fabulous exercise.

    For those who have trouble swimming, there are plenty of coaches around who will help for a modest fee. Lots of triathletes are taking lessons, if our small town rec. pool is any indication. best to you.

  3. Appalachian Trail = AT = Achilles Tendon!! Love it!

    Hiking up slopes (and dragging a sailboat up the beach on a dolly) was a challenge for me at around 6 months (when sailing season began), but nothing I couldn’t handle. How un-wimpy are YOUR heel raises?

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