22 weeks

Its been an uneventful last month.  No visits to the doc or PT.  I cancelled both, not feeling the need.  Yesterday I ran into the doc at lunch and had a lengthy conversation.  He has done zero AT’s since and its obviously not a big concern to him, but he did seem to have learned something about an alternative approach (non surgical in a case like mine).  He assured me that he would have presented the non surgical option to me when we met at the emergency room, had I not initiated the conversation, so maybe I’ve been too hard on him in that regard in previous posts.   Although he did  not examine my leg, he could tell from looking at me walk that I was pretty much ok and said a further visit would not be necessary unless I felt the need.

Also ran into the PT at the pool this morning.  He had the same reaction as the doc from observation - that no further therapy was necessary unless I felt the need. 

So I’m pretty much on my own.  The next big step will be more extensive use of the leg in tennis, golf (walking 18 holes) and hiking, which we plan to do in sept. when it gets below 95 in georgia!

I continue to be hooked on swimming as my primary cardio.  It is the only vigorous activity I’ve done in the last 20 years wherein I can push to the limit, feel totally invigorated, sleep with the deep rest of having had a complete burnout, and do it all again the next day with no physical downside.   I picked up a pair of the short flippers which appear to help strengthen the AT and calf as well. 

Hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. Sounds good, Gunner, and not unlike my experience — WAY back then at 20 weeks.

    Keep getting stronger!

  2. Gunner- i just moved to the Vaco cas pro today after 4 weeks in a cast. I have it at -15 degrees (At least I think that is what is meant when the boot is set halfway between 1 and 2) and i feel pain across the top of my foot. I also feel something like shooting nerve pain along the outside of my foot to my Achilles. Did you notice anything like that? I dont think you had the PRO series which they now have. it is adjustable in 5 degree increments.

  3. Hi Tony: I started at 30 at 3 weeks, went to 15 at 4.5 and to level at 6. Had no problems whatsoever, in terms of swelling or pains. If you’ve got the terry cloth liner properly vacuumed and the boot straps at the proper tension, I can’t imagine why the boot itself would cause any discomfort, which would mean there is something going on with your foot/ankle. If it doesn’t fix itself, I would definitely go back to the doc right away.

    Mine only has three settings so it must be an older model, although I just got it in early march. As I’ve blabbed to everybody here, I could not be happier with this device and am sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    Keep me posted and best wishes.

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