Ready for double dutch?

At 17 weeks.  missed my PT last week and have not had time to reschedule so I went outside this morning to try out the jump rope.  My PT said that was sort of like a “final exam” for him - once I can jump rope, there’s not much more they can do for me.  It felt pretty good.  Been a long time so I had to get the rythm back but was able to do 20 or so with no pain and effort.  Felt a little soreness after 4 or 5 sets so I quit. Not exactly an A+ but I’d say I’m about done with PT.   Will do a final with the PT and doc together in a couple weeks. 

Still have a bit of swelling and not close to a one leg heel raise but all else seems to be in good shape.  Another couple weeks and I’ll give golf and tennis a go.

BTW, at the pool yesterday I was talking to a couple triathletes about the two different kinds of flippers being used for swim training - the traditional long flippers and a shorter model with only a few inches of web.  They (and the swim coach) said the short flippers are excellent ways to rehab an achillees - building strength without overstressing.  Apparently the traditional flippers are so dynamic they  could be risky in an AT rehab.   So I’ve ordered a pair and will let you know how it goes.

2 Responses to “Ready for double dutch?”

  1. I thought you were doing 1-leg heel raises in the pool, water up to your knee or thereabouts? That sounds close. . . Skipping rope before the (dry) 1-leg heel raise violates my old surgeon’s rule of thumb, but who knows if that’s (also) too conservative!?

  2. Hi Norm: You’re right on the heel raises in the pool, so it seems if I continue working up the steps, its just a matter of time. I don’t plan on pushing the jump rope, just wanted to see how it felt and do a little each day.

    Kudos on the letter to Michigan. Still think you should write an article…

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