16 weeks

I missed a PT appointment on Tuesday due to an out of town trip, got back last night, went to the pool this morning and my PT was there working with another another patient.  Perfect - a short review at no charge!  He observed my one leg lifts on the top step of the pool (about a foot of water), mock rope jumping on the same step, and said I’m pretty much there.  Stay with the same exercises I’m using and see him for a final in a week or so. 

Reading recent posts, I’m struck by the emphasis on the doc in the rehab process.  To me, the PT was much more important.  Once the three of us agreed on the road map (the UWO protocol from Norm), the PT designed the actual rehab regimen, monitored progress, measured strenght, size and ROM; and convinced the doc to move towards the early end of eachstage for progression (i.e. 7 weeks instead of 8).  For those of us who chose the non surgical route, at least, I’d say the PT is the MVP in the rehab, not the doc.  So, following Gerry’s lead, I urge folks to make sure you find someone who will get excited about the road map, take charge of designing the activities and monitor progress and course correct. 

Happy Fathers Day to those dads among us.

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