PT - Week 14

Very encouraging PT session yesterday.  We agreed on a final set of exercises for the next two weeks (and beyond); leading to the “graduation test” - jumping rope.  Josh’s exact words: “when you can jump rope, there’s nothing more we can do for you”.  My last session could be in two weeks.

Here’s the deck of exercises:

1 - squats with increasing weight

2 - double heel lifts with increasing weight

3 - heel lifts followed by eccentric lowering with 75% weight on the recovering leg

4 - lateral and forward/backward hops

5 - single leg stance on a pillow throwing or bouncing a ball

6 - soleus machine

7 - one legged heel raises on the pool steps, moving higher to increase weight bearing

We actually talked about the possibility of writing an article of some sort with the doc to give the option of non surgical repair a wider hearing.

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  1. Judging by your exercises, you are way ahead of me- probably due to your early PT. At 13 weeks I am happy to walk unaided, albeit with a limp.
    Great to see your progress.

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