Ready for double dutch?

At 17 weeks.  missed my PT last week and have not had time to reschedule so I went outside this morning to try out the jump rope.  My PT said that was sort of like a “final exam” for him - once I can jump rope, there’s not much more they can do for me.  [...]

Calf muscle pull

Forgot to mention in previous post that the painful calf muscle pull dissipated in a few days, although I had step back my exercise intensity a bit.   Also got a charley horse in the calf muscle swimming of all things, severe enough I had to stop.  Reminded me of similar episodes running years ago.  But [...]

16 weeks

I missed a PT appointment on Tuesday due to an out of town trip, got back last night, went to the pool this morning and my PT was there working with another another patient.  Perfect - a short review at no charge!  He observed my one leg lifts on the top step of the pool [...]

minor setback - hopefully

Tonight I pulled a muscle or something similar high on my calf right below the back of the knee joint. Put ice on it, but so far no reduction in the pain and disfunction when pushing off.   Occurred doing forward/backward hops - maybe I’m pushing that a little fast.  Any thoughts from anyone who’s had something [...]

PT - Week 14

Very encouraging PT session yesterday.  We agreed on a final set of exercises for the next two weeks (and beyond); leading to the “graduation test” - jumping rope.  Josh’s exact words: “when you can jump rope, there’s nothing more we can do for you”.  My last session could be in two weeks.
Here’s the deck of [...]