A stroll on the beach

Hi everybody.  Just back from four days at Hilton Head.  What a great way to rehab!  In the hotel gym in the morning, a long swim in the ocean and gradually longer walks on the beach.  My gait is getting more and more normal but still a small hitch in the step which seems to be borne more from muscle memory than any pain or resistance. I hope that time will work it out and will take up with PT on Tuesday. 

While sitting there watching the folks walk by, we were amused  by how many limpers there are in the world.  Not suprising I guess in a retirement heavy area.  My wife thought that, compared to most of them, my limp was less noticeable, so that’s a good thing. 

I’ve just been scanning and catching up with the talk and feel compelled to make another shameless plug for the VacoCast.  Every other boot I have seen in the past 13 weeks pales in comparison to this remarkable device to which I believe I owe part of the tribute for a very strong recovery.  It is relatively unknown in the southern US, and perhaps elsewhere, but well worth the effort to search and acquire on the web.  The rep in Mass. believes the relatively higher cost ($120 US retail vs. $40 for the standard boots) leads docs to stay with the cheaper version and pocket the extra $80 in the insurance mark up.  If that’s the case, shame on the docs. 

I will never forget the oohs and aahs in the docs office when we first put the VC on at week 3 and I took it for a test stroll!  A harbinger of a great partnership in the ATR journey.

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  1. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

  2. I paid more than US$120 for a fixed AirCast boot (this time) in my Sports-Med Clinic’s shop. My wife and her sister (who wears AirCasts and other boots for a number of Diabetes-related foot problems) are convinced that my price was subsidized by our universal health care!

    So US$120 for a fancy high-tech VacoCast seems like a deal to me!

    My little “limp-dip” was also slow to go away, and I’m still waiting (at 5.5 months) for a real straight-kneed 1-leg heel raise, not to mention a bunch of them. Everything else is basically back to normal by now, except for that calf-strength deficit. (The deficit in “isikinetic” strength was measured at around 30%, foot-over-foot, about 3 weeks ago.)

  3. I agree. $120 is a bargain for the cast. Of course, if I didn’t have a high deductible and processed it thru insurance, it would have been $300 to the system! But even then, it would have been worth it, in comparison to the standard stuff I see on folks around here.

    As to the heel raises, my work in the pool seems to be paying off. I’m doing about 60 one leggers a day in the water and just noticed that I’m getting a lot more lift on the ground. Another benefit of “hydrotherapy”.

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