12 weeks PT

A really interesting PT session this morning.  Josh has had lots of experience with pro athletes in Birmingham (Alabama); is young and energetic (already owns his own clinic); and seems totally invested in my recovery since he cautiously (not willing to go to far with the doc - his primary referral source) advocated for the non surgical route. 

Here are the questions I posed to him and the answers:

1. Electric stimulation?  response: can be valuable early on, especially after surgery.  would be of little or no help at my stage of recovery

2. one legged heel lifts?  response: not much value in trying now, except in the water.  Until I can do about 60 with 20 or 30 pounds weight on each arm or 60 in the water; there’s not any value in moving to one leg.

3. crocs?  response:  fully supported my approach: crocs are ok for casual use; go for more support for extended walking/lawn mowing, etc.

Here’s the new exercise regimen, all to be done twice daily:

heel raises with increasing weights held in both hands (30-50 reps)

squats as tolerated, 30 reps, add weights to both hands in second week

“quick feet” - shuffling feet forward onto a 3″ surface; not landing on the surface just sort of grazing it; 30 seconds, 3 reps

standing on one leg, throwing or bouncing a ball - 30 sec. reps, 5times

step downs: step down onto good leg from 3 inch height 30 times; progress to 5 inches as tolerated

Onward and upward

4 Responses to “12 weeks PT”

  1. thank you for sharing.
    Did you mean 2 heels raises on floor with weights?
    Or in water?

    My lower ankle gets stiffer when I do 2 heels raises right after 5-7 raises. It’s kind of strange feeling like a pressure builds up around back side of ankle. Hard to explain it.

  2. The step downs sound like a great idea. The squats have been working well for me. I find it important to focus on the weak leg so that the strong leg doesn’t take over. It has helped my overall leg strength which is helping me with bike riding which is helping with my attitude!

  3. Mike: Yes, I meant 2 heel raises with weights on the floor with increasing weight and 1 heel raise in the water. When both are maxed out, time to aggressively pursue one heel on floor.

    I do not have any ankle stiffness during these exercises so not sure what yours means. One thing I unfortunately “rediscovered” while mowing the lawn the other day was some other, unrelated foot problems I had - arthritis or cartilege weakness on the tops of both feet. My feet became pretty sore after extended walking, like 18 holes on a hilly course! During the 12 weeks of inactivity, I had actually forgotten completely about this malady. Perhaps you’ve got something unrelated going on also. Just a thought.

  4. Notsorad: Both the step down and squats are great additions to my regimen. I’ve found that doing these quirky exercises in front a mirror is helpful to catch myself when favoring one leg or “listing” without being conscious of it.

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