Cut the grass today

After much dissatisfaction with the lawn service, today I took the plunge and mowed my lawn. Set my Honda self propelled on the slower pull setting and traversed my sloping terrain with little trouble.  Wore my hiking boots which seemed to add a little support.  Total time about 50 minutes; end result pretty good - a tad sore but I think primarily because that’s the longest time I’ve walked so far.  It felt quite good to not only exercise the leg but do something constructive for a change.  

Listening to the exchange on one foot heel lifts, I tried today (12 weeks) and got no traction at all.  My PT specifically said to keep to two feet, even in the pool, so I’ll check it out with him this week. 

Wondering what’s the earliest people are getting a one legged heel lift?

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  1. Hi Gunner,

    I was a Bad Patient. I ignored my doctor’s schedule, rehabbed myself on my own, and started getting the heel off the ground at nine weeks postop. I was lucky to be in a removable splint, which allowed me to be a Bad Patient.

    I’m sure there are some people who have done single leg calf raises sooner, like in that Japanese study that Norm found. I could have advanced the calf strength work faster, but I didn’t want to push my luck.

    Best wishes,


  2. I’m 11 weeks and didn’t try it yet. I’ll have PT session in 3 days, so I’ll ask when I should start to try 1 heel lift.

    as everyone asked the same question about “when 1 heel?”
    I think would be nice to add this date info to Achilles profile that we can get average and etc for this important milestone.

    Dennis, what do you think?

  3. Doug and all:

    I’m curious about any out there who have done hydrotherapy and whether it accelerated the one heel raise timetable. Also, any other water exercises that were particularly helpful? So far, all I’ve done is walk forward and backward for 15 minutes and sidestep for 5 minutes, followed by 60 heel lifts (then swimming for cardio). Just tried one legged lifts today for the first time and was able to do about 20, though my PT specified two legged at this time. Will see him tomorrow for an update.

    Hydrotherapy is listed on the rehab protocol Norm provided but with no details.

  4. 3 moths post op I know Doug thinks otherwise, but after conservative treatment I would listen to the PT and not push the one legged heel lift yet… neither the lawn mower. But I am just a wimpy woman.
    The hydro therapy you described sounds good, I was doing similar things (on my own at the pool) and enjoyed it.

  5. Gunner, I’ve got nothing more than what I’ve posted. My Sports-Med clinic doesn’t have a pool, and I never bothered to get to one. I’m sure it would have been helpful psychologically and physically.

    If you can do 20 good 1-leg heel lifts at 12 weeks post-”boot”, then (a) WOW! and CONGRATS! and (b) Just don’t “do as many as you can”, for fear of experiencing the same setback I suffered 8 yrs ago, when I did just that.

  6. Btw I first attempted a few one legged heel lifts with putting most of my weight on my arms the day before I re-ruptured - at 19 weeks. This just goes to show I was not healing properly.
    Second time around I could do one legged heel lifts about 4.5 months post op - about 6 weeks after getting out of the boot.

  7. Gunner, I just realized that your 20 1-leg heel raises were IN THE POOL! “Never mind!” Don’t even do “as many as you can” in the pool!

    Placervillemadman started a page called something like “that darned 1-leg heel raise”. Go to his blog or search for it. Very few people (including Doug53 and me 8 years ago) could do any before 18 weeks, and somebody’s PT just told them not to expect it until 6 months.

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