Yoga anyone?

On the subject of stretching, I’ve been impressed with the flexibility and tone my wife has achieved through several months of basic yoga, which appears to be at least 50% stretching of various sorts.  I’m wondering if anyone has discovered yoga moves or positions to be helpful in the ATR recovery process? 
Swam a mile yesterday [...]

A stroll on the beach

Hi everybody.  Just back from four days at Hilton Head.  What a great way to rehab!  In the hotel gym in the morning, a long swim in the ocean and gradually longer walks on the beach.  My gait is getting more and more normal but still a small hitch in the step which seems to [...]

Easing back into golf and tennis

I’m wondering if any one has any insight reentry into golf and tennis.  After hearing several others say they are back to sports at 17 weeks or so, at 13 weeks myself I’m beginning to think about a transition plan.   thx

12 weeks PT

A really interesting PT session this morning.  Josh has had lots of experience with pro athletes in Birmingham (Alabama); is young and energetic (already owns his own clinic); and seems totally invested in my recovery since he cautiously (not willing to go to far with the doc - his primary referral source) advocated for the [...]

Cut the grass today

After much dissatisfaction with the lawn service, today I took the plunge and mowed my lawn. Set my Honda self propelled on the slower pull setting and traversed my sloping terrain with little trouble.  Wore my hiking boots which seemed to add a little support.  Total time about 50 minutes; end result pretty good - [...]

walking tall (sort of)

Took my first “walk” today: 1/4 mile with hiking boots, which feel much more secure than the crocs.  I’d say about 50% of normal walking speed - but a start.  Also today did 30 minutes of fairly vigorous biking on stat. bike and swam 2/3 mile at a good pace. 
Only concern at the moment is [...]

swimming with the tide

Just got back from the pool.  One of the best (and few!) serendipities from my ATR has been “hydrotherapy” which I began about 3 weeks ago (I’m now 12 weeks and change since dday).  My regimen included 5min. each walking forward, backward and sidestep, 120 heel lifts and balancing on the bad leg, all in [...]