8/18 update

I have been driving for a couple of weeks now. Last weeks, I was finally allowed to put weight on my foot (it was a long 8 weeks!). I also started back work. Fortunately, my classes are spaced apart with enough time to rest my foot/ankle between hour long lectures. Necrotic sore is still there but I was able to cut apart a ‘fake Crocs’ shoe so that nothing touches the area- that is the only reason the doctor let me start using my foot- he initially told me I had to keep using the scooter until I showed him what I had done with the shoe.

I am so looking forward to the day when I can go buy new tennis shoes! Normally, i am not a ‘clothes/shoe person’ but this will be a celebration!!!

Oh if you need SANTYL® to treat necrotic sores, check their website for a discount card- even with insurance, it is expensive! (I did not know about the discount card and a single tube cost well over $150, even with my insurance).

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  1. Glad you’re driving now and putting weight on the foot!

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