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Going to try running! *gasp*
03/11/2013, 21:16
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Went to my first Parkrun since 13th July yesterday - I was timing not running - with some friends who all charged round in good times. First person round did the 5k in 16 mins 45 seconds. I know I’m not going to be that quick ever again but I will get back to and improve upon my previous best time (in recent years). My physio said a few weeks ago that I can start doing the walk for a minute, run for a minute and do that for 15mins then build up. I’ve decided that this is the week to start. The calf on the injured side still has very little tone (then again, I’ve been lax on the exercises because my depression has been kicking in again) but I think that using it is the best way to build it up. Also, my eldest daughter wants to start running - she also wants to do the Parkrun thing (the t-shirt for completing 10 runs appeals to her) - so if she builds up with me, we should both get to the point of being able to run 3 miles by the spring. There’s something about the winter evenings that always calls to me to run, probably goes back to cross country running when I was at school last century!! The plantar fascii have stretched out quite nicely, the ankle is as mobile as its been in the last few years so now just the thickening in the tendon and the swelling around the ankle to get rid of!

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Sounds like a great plan Grimfoot, how great to have company as you start your running programme, lets hope we get some decent weather for it.

Comment by micah1 11.03.13 @ 23:26

Yes, good luck. I’ve done fine with the “Just use it and push it and it will get stronger” approach, though others haven’t done as well, and have commented recently. In my case, I’ve always loved sports and always gotten bored quickly doing multiple sets of reps pushing one isolated muscle, so I do what I love and avoid what bores me. And since I’ve noticed no performance deficit from either of my ATRs, I’ve never felt the need to be more disciplined. But my calves are definitely not symmetrical — despite the fact that I’ve torn BOTH ATs!!

Comment by normofthenorth 11.04.13 @ 00:24

Great update, Grimfoot. Sounds like lots of us have been given the green light to jog. Exercise seems to help the depression too, don’t you think? I’m a little envious that you have a running buddy. I can no longer keep up with my kids–especially now! Good luck :)

Comment by kellygirl 11.04.13 @ 20:34

Congrats! I find running to be so much more rewarding now that I wasn’t able to do it for so long. It feels great, even though I’m not as fast anymore.

Comment by momto4peas 11.08.13 @ 05:20

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