8 weeks Post-op!

August 23, 2012

Wow, what a difference 4 weeks make. I’ve started PT and have been cleared to start on the stationary bike. I thought that out of the boot I would magically start walking normal but alas I’m still a gimp. Sooo not complaining tho, I’m in 2 shoes AND driving, that has done wonders for me mentally.

I’m used to going at a sprint through life in general and this is really slowing me down but it’s also helping me realize that stressing over the stuff that I have no control over does me no good and my thoughts become toxic. It helped to at least get my butt to the gym to do upper body weight lifting.

4 Weeks Post-Op

July 25, 2012

Officially cleared to walk. The surgeon did give me a stern talking to about following his orders but after checking my DF he has cleared me to walk and start taking wedges out to be ready to see him with 2 shoes in 3 weeks. But he has not said I can start PT until my appointment with him. Different protocols across the board for this injury, apparently.

My injury is a little different in that it is lower than most ATRs in that it was really low and close to my heel. Which is another reason I was to follow strict doctor’s orders in not walking until today….oh well, I will do so from now on and be extra careful.

He also said I was ok to start standing in the shower. I told him that was uncomfortable and to not do it until it is.

I am so excited to be able to take a wedge out!…maybe 2:D

First Walk at 20 days Post-op

July 18, 2012

Ok, I’m technically not “cleared” to walk. I’m supposed to be NWB or at least only use the bad foot as a kick stand until my appointment on 7/26/12. But I had been suffering AND taking pain killers for a pinched nerve in my back for the last 3 days and I know it’s from either being hunched over on my crutches or having to lift my scooter to turn (it has an awful turn radius) plus my left side having to compensate sooo much for my right!

I know this isn’t exactly doctor’s instructions to upgrade myself to PWB (I have a spring hinge walking cane) but my leg and body only feel better when I walk around or move. My calf muscle (where the tendon attaches) is only sore when I have been sitting too long. Anyway, I will take it easy and am always cognizant of re-rupture. I wear my boot most of the time. I do not wear the boot at night but I wear it snug to go to the bathroom and before and after showers.

This maybe aggressive on my part but I am considerably less sore when I’m able to walk. At night I go home and put a heating pad on it and there are no signs of any swelling at all these days.

Arch is sore in boot

July 13, 2012

Hi All,

Anyone else have this problem? My arch is starting to get sore in my airboot even though I am not WB at all and move around w/a knee scooter and crutches. It is only alleviated with flexing my ankle around.

Any help is appreciated. Turns out I was a week ahead in my brain and I’m still actually 2 weeks before my Dr’s follow-up appt and 4-week mark:(


Progress Pics (not for the squeamish)

July 12, 2012

7/5/12: Cast off 10 day post-op. Cast is off and in an airboot.

7/5/12 - Cast taken off 10 days post-op

7/11/12: First shower for the foot. Stitches are mostly dissolved.

7/12/12 - stitches dissolving first shower of foot!